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  1. This is one of the things I really love. Rather than a bog standard 'festival bar' in every area, we get pubs! It's one of the many things that make it a city, rather than just a festival
  2. On Tuesday night we stumbled across a singalong around the piano in the Magic Tea pot tea shop in the Green Fields. After a song or two my friend coyly got up and joined them and asked if he could sing a song. They pure joy on his face when singing with them was just heartwarming to watch. Having not been able to get a ticket or a volunteer place since 2010 he was just so happy to be back. Seeing his face like that for the whole week really made my festival better. When Frank Turner played Long Live The Queen on Friday night, I broke. The first time I heard it was through my headphones in a supermarket - full on tears in the freezer section. It's a song that I think resonates with everyone and it just hit me so hard when he played it and everyone was singing along. I thought I was ready for it. I was definitely not ready for it. Beans on Toast at Avalon on Saturday when he played Magic. I knew I was going to cry if he played it and I knew it was going to make my friend next to me cry, and I knew that he didn't know the song yet. We were both away from our young kids and were missing them as it was. I don't think there was a dry eye in the tent after he played those 3 love songs. Monday morning, just after 8am. I'd just finished my night shift, had handed over my tabbard and radio and was walking back to my camp from the stone circle. The culmination of exhaustion, a stressful and drama filled night and the realisation that it was all over for another year made for a teary walk to my bed. And, obviously, Kylie talking about 2005
  3. Beergirl

    Flops 2019

    I'm trying to understand why you wasted your day at the pyramid when you didn't actually like the majority of the acts on the bill?
  4. Beergirl

    Flops 2019

    I missed them too
  5. Beergirl

    Stone Circle

    It's mostly ket, coke, mdma - I don't think we've ever encountered spice, crack or heroin up there, but you never know. And those who have dabbled quite a bit don't really appear until after the music finishes in SE corner around 6am, so any other time it's nice and chill really. Drummers, fires, candles and joints. Nice place to be. Except for Sunday night. Then it goes nuts
  6. Beergirl

    Stone Circle

    The nos situation is getting better. The steward team up there have been battling it for years and as much as there was still nos been sold and taken this year it wasn't even close to the amount present in 2016 and 2017. It drove away the drummers for quite a few years too, it was amazing to see so many of them back this year
  7. The excessive use of nos, the noise it makes and the (I really hate to say it, I really do) the people it brings up is what killed the drum circles. I've been a steward in the king's meadow for 10 years now and even in that relatively short time the decline has been huge. I know I missed the "glory days" but even in my first year the stone cirlce drumming was my absolute favourite thing about the festival. These days my job sucks during the early hours, our time on shift is mostly spent trying to negotiate with people to not do it, or at least move along to somewhere else. Even when the Dalai Lama was there, in the middle of his speech, we had a group of people who just didn't care, they were there to sell balloons and we were getting in their way. The king's meadow and the stone circle is a beautiful, wonderful place and it deserves to be treated better than it has been in recent years. I really hope that this year we will see a change and get some of it's soul back. The drummers were integral to that spirit
  8. Beergirl

    The Joke Thread

    This is my 4 year old's favourite joke!
  9. Beergirl

    "Must don'ts" 2019

    I'm out of up votes but yeah, this And, more importantly, this The noise and the mess caused by this is not what the stone circle is supposed to be about. Remember the drummers? They've been driven out over the last few years
  10. 2016 my trolley stacked it on the way in pretty much 5 minutes in to the gate. And that was on the Monday. On the Wednesday the sole of one of my (sturdy leather boots that have never let me down!) was peeled pretty much clean off, the mud was like glue. However, it's still up there in one of my best years on site so far
  11. That's what I'm hoping too
  12. Beergirl

    "Must don'ts" 2019

    Don't bother trying to video a set and end up watching the whole thing through your phone screen. You're never going to watch it, the sound quality will be shit, you'll annoy whoever is standing behind you and you won't be fully immersed in whatever or whoever it is you're there to see. Just watch the BBC footage when you get home if you want to re-live it
  13. Beergirl

    "Must don'ts" 2019

    Don't be a dick when trying to get through crowds. Just say excuse me. And don't be a dick if someone is trying to get passed you (unless they themselves are being dicks).They're more likely to be just trying to find their mates than trying to stand right in front of you. Don't avoid a food stall because it's got a big queue - it's usually for a good reason! Don't ignore a direction or instruction from a steward or security, they're just doing their jobs and trying to keep everyone safe Don't pack the jaegermeister it's absolutely vile if not cold!
  14. Don't question the system - the system is perfect
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