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  1. As I said he's out the country so can't use it till Friday but surely as I would be the first person in with the ticket they would allow? His contact number is on the green transfer slip.
  2. The tickets so have a picture on i now have them. My cousin is out of the country till Friday?? The idea was I use them till Friday night then he uses on the Saturday. Any help would be appreciated as he wouldn't be able to go in before me. Thanks for the replies.
  3. Hi , first time user after scanning the internet for answered here seems my best bet. after missing out on the resale for Glastonbury I was desperate for a ticket. Fortunately enough I have family who live in the Pilton area (free tickets) all though every other year they have used them this year they can't. To get straight to the point they have 2 tickets for me and my friend. They say that the ticket comes with a transfer slip and that the ticket can be transferred to me?? I fully trust my family but it's also sounds a bit sketchy. I'm not sure weather anyone has gotten in this way before or has any suggestions as to make the entry as smooth as possible.
  4. Hi just wondering if anyone had any spare car park tickets for sale. Be much appreciated. Thanks.
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