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  1. "Joshua Homme teases Desert Sessions world tour" Desert Sessions would be a great option for RW. What do you guys think?
  2. King Crimson will come to Barcelona! We are really pleased to announced two nights at the Teatre Coliseum in Barcelona on the 12th and 13th July. We know many fans had already made their travel plans for Barcelona to attend the now cancelled Dr Music Festival - as, of course, had the band - so it is wonderful that everyone has worked so speedily and successfully to ensure that we can still bring the 2019 Celebration Tour to Spain. The festival opportunity may be lost - but we will now get to the opportunity to play and hear two nights of a full setlist, and, as a bonus, DGM is also now able to offer Celebration Package tickets. We are in negotiation to see if a third night is possible to match all three original festival dates, but this will depend on the speed of the uptake on the first two shows. No pressure! We will make an announcement as soon as general tickets go on sale. As ever, we look forward to seeing you there.
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