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  1. To be honest our first night last time at Glastonbury we stumbled out after 5am so that could well be a possibility!! I know it'll be a different experience this time, I just hope the taxi thing isn't going to be too much of a hassle...
  2. We've got dinner booked at the chapel on Thursday night I definitely want to have a mooch. Thank you so much for the advice, I think the taxi thing will be ok ?
  3. I'm David ?☺. Bruton was the nearest place we could book to the festival, everything nearer was fully booked. If anyone local can offer any more advice, it'd be greatly appreciated, but I think Sara covered it all
  4. Excellent advice Sara, makes me feel a bit better as was starting to panic. We had looked at trains to castle Cary, it's just the getting back at night that's causing a headache. I understand our experience may be less flexible than before, but I need to make the best of it. I'm ringing a lot of local taxi companies to pre book. No joy as yet but if there's taxi's running all night that won't be a bad thing. And I'll have a beer buzz going on to help while I wait ?
  5. You can I'm getting married on the Friday, then our 'reception' is the festival. Plus we forgot to buy camper van tickets and nobody wants to camp...
  6. smallpotatoes35


    Hi guys I'm staying off site this year (in Bruton) and want to know the logistics of getting a taxi back every night/morning from the festival.... Are there taxis outside? I'm trying to pre book local companies but no joy as yet. Thanks in advance
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