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  1. TheGoodWillOut

    Oasis 2021?

    First saw Oasis way, way back in 1994 and they absolutely blew me away. Seeing Liam up close, staring menacingly out over the relatively small crowd while Noel played the first chords of supersonic, fuck they were good and they knew it. nobody near them at the time and I don’t think there has been ever since. A gig I’ll remember forever. fast forward to 2009 stadium of light, dig out yer soul tour. going through the motions without emotion, no connection to the crowd, the songs or even speaking to one another while on stage. you could just tell it was done, game over. It was horrible. A month later I gave them a last throw of the dice, warmup gig nearby at Brid spa for Rock en Seine festival, small venue, passionate crowd unfortunately that was the only positive. same set list as stadium of light, same lack of connection and gig was over quickly. Noel left the building before the music had even finished and without even a look at his brother or the rest of the band. I wasn’t at all surprised they split a week later. A million miles away from 1994 As a massive (in their prime) oasis fan, should they get back together? No, no maybe’s, no definitely absolutely not I’d go see them if they did but I know I’d come home disappointed wishing they hadn’t bothered.
  2. I'll be worse off under labour, no I don't earn over £80k but I'm a business owner which will mean a rise in dividend tax and corporation tax, however I have to think of my children and their opportunities in life and the services available to them. Because of this, I voted labour.
  3. Does anyone want to go shares on a tunnel boring machine ?
  4. I’d rather sit in a long drop for an hour than watch this numpty
  5. I’d rather sit in a long drop for an hour than watch this numpty
  6. TheGoodWillOut

    The Joke Thread

    Sad news at the Nestle factory today when a member of staff was seriously injured when a pallet of chocolate fell more than 50 feet and crushed him underneath...He tried in vain to attract attention but every time he shouted "The milky bars are on me" everyone cheered
  7. Snow patrol playing scarborough open air 4th july as well.
  8. If this is true, can not getting a ticket be anymore fucking painful? ?
  9. All sold out I see, not a bad evenings business for glasto and see tickets
  10. I can picture it now, Glasto in a hundred years time will be like an episode of the walking dead minus the flesh eating? Gated clean power showered communities all getting along watching a hologram of long dead Ed Sheeran and then herds of great unwashed wandering around moaning it wasn't as good as back in the day. ?
  11. The audience travel bit is indeed quite interesting, I wonder how they get their figures? I don't think I've every been surveyed to ask how I got to a coldplay gig or any other gig. I could've walked, skateboarded, rode a bike, gone via a diesel, petrol or electic car, got on a train or even flew for all chris martin knows. Ive still got my coldplay wristband, didn't sent it to landfill so that's a positive...right ?
  12. Why are people justifying their stay in WV or CV fields? Does it really, really matter? Glasto’s all about an experience, enjoying yourself and having a ball. Do it how you want to do it, not how someone thinks or suggests how you should do it.
  13. Got ours for Middlesbrough too, taking my daughter so had to get seated. £95 a ticket !!!!? I don't normally swear but f**k me !
  14. maybe, never stayed in bath & west so no idea how big a site it is? can it accommodate the numbers that were in west ? also thought of getting a shuttle bus in and out will put a few off I expect.
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