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  1. Atmosphere for Gerry Cinnamon this year was out of this world. A really good vibe in the JPT and the place was packed
  2. Thank you for this, you should be on the legends slot in 2021 !
  3. Yeah, deep down I know but when you hit failure you always look at reasons why... and blame technology ! 😂
  4. Shakespeares Sister ‘92 never ever ever have I heard a screech like it also same year, Catherine Wheel I think it was, late onto the other stage due to technical issues, 1/2 way through second song, equipment blew and had to go off
  5. There seems to be a connection that for a few, once you’ve bagged tickets, you get through again on the same device and sometimes more than once. Maybe a cookie in your browser that hasn’t fully expired pointing you to a less busy registration page server. this happened to us last year, few PC’s on the go, 1 got through, 5mins later same pc got through again.
  6. There's nothing wrong with the existing system, Only thing I would change is to enter registration details to begin with, once entered then you go to holding page. One device, one registration page, one holding page and you queue instead of little johnny's family of 43 all trying to get him tickets and chewing the system up on 12 devices each refreshing the holding page.
  7. Really enjoyed our stay in west this year, a fab vibe to the place. The walk to the stages isn't that bad to be honest, you certainly see some sights coming back on an evening !
  8. Saw DM on their last tour, they’d smash the pyramid and definite headliners.
  9. Definitely, I just wish I could remember all his lines. His show’s based on him after he’s been sacked from the BBC after a less than politically correct slip while the camera was still rolling and he was live on air.
  10. Gutted for you, poor of seetickets to just wash their hands, I’d be going nuts if it were me.
  11. To be fair, not had to make a choice. #3 in our group wasn’t fully into going so she willingly took the short straw
  12. Had 3 PC’s and a mobile on the go, through to holding page on 3 out of 4 straight away. Auto-refresh every 3 seconds. Only 1 got through to registration but after completing that it said sold out. mobile phone -4g on O2 didn’t get near holding page from 8.57 to 9.40
  13. This ballots a shitter if you’ve a party of 3.
  14. Saw him live last week in York, probably one of the funniest yet honest and up to date stand up routines I’ve heard in a long long time. if you get chance go see him. Just don’t be easily offended
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