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  1. Embrace supported by Starsailor - Leeds Arena 14th March
  2. TheGoodWillOut


    wow, that Beatles helter-skelter cover was immense.
  3. TheGoodWillOut


    watching live stream 3 now with a coffee and toast n marmalade. how rock n roll is that!
  4. tickets for leeds, really looking forward to their new album
  5. they came packaged together, literally bound together by tape. wasn't impressed when i saw the state of it. ive managed to flatten it out as much as possible but still not perfect
  6. My sunset colour poster arrived last week, not in a tube but packaged flat !! To say it's a bit creased is an understatement, so a little disappointed. Rather bizarrely the hope poster I also ordered was in a tube and is perfect!
  7. Been a bit of a shitty depressing weekend to be honest. After missing out in the sale last year, I've been dreading the glasto weekend coming and I've avoided the bbc coverage as much as possible. it's so in your face that it's unavoidable to not get reminders that I wont be there this year and a double kick in the nuts, highly likely, that i wont be there next year either. Firstly missing out on tickets and not going, ok it's been postponed and everyone has missed out, I get that and everyone is feeling a bit glum, but also knowing I'm probably not gonna get to the festival in 2021 either
  8. Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - Pyramid 1992 - Friday Night They weren't unstoppable though, the plug was pulled as they they overran the curfew and it got a little violent on stage with Jim Bob and fruitbat throwing mike stands about when the sound went off. Second headliner was the Shamen on the NME stage the following evening. Naughty, naughty, very naughty
  9. thank you. i'll email when i'm back in work this morning
  10. hi crazyfool1, can you confirm if my name was added back on the spreadsheet? i can't remember if i emailed or not and with the news the spreadsheet is closed i'm thinking i've missed out thanks d
  11. Absolutely no rush on my part. 👍
  12. In light of today’s rollover to 2021, can I get back on the re-sale spreadsheet? i was originally on but my good lady booked a surprise break away the glasto weekend as I was down in the dumps so I requested to come off. We’ve definitely nothing booked in 2021 so I’ll be on the lookout for tickets come re-sale day
  13. Gutted for all you lot with tickets and planning for this year on the farm. Thinking positively, if you can these days, 2020 now a fallow year and you're guaranteed tickets to 2021. I need to get back on the resale spreadsheet group as well now its moved to next.
  14. Really sorry but unfortunately going to have to drop out of getting tickets for the resale. Happy to try for others I should add but have other commitments Glasto weekend now. gutted but also pleased with what I’m doing instead although it’s no substitute
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