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  1. I was going type pretty much this. I'd rather pay more for a ticket than them make more money through volume of sales.
  2. I'm sick to death of scousers in bucket hats being disrespectful as fuck.
  3. Calvin Harris at arcadia went as expected. Ram jam round edges no security to been. Even saw a fight in arcadia crew bar afrer, madness
  4. Genuinely feared for mine and the 2 girls I was with safety leaving West holts after Sleaford Mods. There's definitely too many people compared to '19. Thursday night was a joke. Arcadia was a joke as well last night and the attitude/ mentality of people pushing through with no care whatsoever is disgusting. Fatboy slim on Sonic? Really? Dangerous crushes. Horrible scum bags everywhere walking round with balloons thinking they can do what they want. Are there less water points as well? Something different about it this year. Sorry for the rant and i know its never going to be perfect but the organisers have got a lot wrong here
  5. No dogs at gate A yesterday. There's little white security huts that they're pulling people out at random into. Full mix. Fairly through bag searches though
  6. Probably the right people in this thread to answer this question, I hope. Does The Temple have a bar in there? I remember toilets down the right hand side (so you don't have to leave and re-enter) but the rest is a bit hazy.
  7. Borrowed a similar version of this (it connected to a regulator and larger gas bottle though) off the in-laws one trip, great bit of kit I can vouch. Just a bastard to clean after with minimal facilities.
  8. Nothing wrong with a solo mission. Did it multiple times in '19 and crawled back from Arcadia the one night being told Stomrzy was unmissable. No regrets.
  9. There's multiple times this happens across the festival for all of us. Sometimes you just have to see Nile Rogers and CHIC whilst the rest of you go skank out to some drum & bass. Post your biggest walkaways
  10. I can fully recommend Born on Road. Aries and Co I think playing 4 or so sets across the festival. You won't be disappointed
  11. Probably a daytime late afternoon slot on Sonic. Great bootleg, available for free download if you google
  12. Not sure what's going on nor care, back to the dance music. Hybrid Minds are playing Silver Hayes and I can't wait.
  13. Be interested to see the results of a re-run of this Poll now we're further in / know more
  14. If you're enjoying Jobse try a bit of Call Super as well. Another excellent selector
  15. I thought she was decent at Arcadia, did anyone catch her at NYC?
  16. The b2b on his YouTube with Kettama is excellent... as are any sets by Kettama, man of the moment for me for sure and would love to see him somewhere in S.E corner. Phenomenal mix here i listened to in the car earlier:
  17. That would make it a very significant big surprise if it happened then Not many people that would reform for a one off I suppose, although it is the 50th....
  18. Faithless on the Other stage. Surely played some of the greatest sets of all time at Glastonbury, would only be right for the 50th. Would love to see The XX as well
  19. I'd say she's far too old and rich to actually give two shits about it.
  20. As it's the 50th there's no way they're not going to book the greatest stadium band in the world, R.E......O Speedwagon
  21. Took a break after 2018 after what I thought was an amazing weekend even if it did have a few issues here and there. Have searched fairly high and low but have seen no word if it's happening next year? Was that the end of Farr?
  22. Anyone know what the system was at Arcadia? Really crisp and bassy near the stacks but it lost a of depth if you were in the centre of the crowd.
  23. Struggled to get a camping space on Wednesday morning - not even going to rack my brain on what sort of chaos would ensue if they opened the gates 2 days before
  24. I'm unsure how they've actually calculated it that accurately - surely they'd need to know exactly how many tents were taken into the site in the first place? Counted at least 10-15 abandoned tents where we were at Michael's Mead within a 50 metre radius at 1pm. Maybe it was just that field? Either way the site seemed very clean and I saw a lot of people going to much more effort than in past experiences. Well done to all those people.
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