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  1. Sounds like you have shin splints 😩 I get them with overuse. Rest a few days and try again with lower mileage. Build it up slowly and you should be ok. If it comes back rest longer and try again 😁 I'm sure someone else will have more experienced advice but it worked for me.
  2. My half marathon training has come to a temporary stop due to shin splints 😮 it's not till June so I should be Ok but still need to double my distance and I'd very much like to be a bit faster. Also more weather warnings for wind this week, anyone else tired of battling the weather during every run? If I end up getting a ticket in the resale or a volunteer place it'll all be worth it though 🏃‍♀️😁🥳
  3. The Cat Empire though I was disappointed I missed the Chemical brothers to watch the exact same set as they did in the morning (not sure if this is normal for multiple sets?) Lewis Capaldi The Cure/ Vampire weekend are a close call but I'll go for the Cure.
  4. My cousin lost her nasal spray for hayfever last night and is seriously struggling. None being sold in coop, does anyone know if there is anywhere else selling it or have a spare we could buy from you? (She has antihistamines but they aren't doing the trick) thanks x
  5. We have had torrential downpours and some fairly serious flooding as a burn has burst it's banks here just outside of Edinburgh. Think we have taken one for the team ??
  6. I can only open people's line ups in WhatsApp, not messenger. Think it's something to do with the fact my messenger opens the link on my browser but WhatsApp opens it in the app. Sure there is a way to fix it so both open in the app so that should sort it.
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