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  1. I know people will have the app that shows you where you are on site, and hopefully you'll get a paper map when you get there, but I think it is useful to have a few landmarks to know where you are on site especially for first-timers. The site is in a valley that runs east to west with hills on the north and south sides. There are a couple of "main roads" in site that are concrete. Steanbow Farm Road runs south from Red Gate (marked in grey on the web map), the Pilton Bypass runs east from Red Gate up to Worthy Farm and on to VG2. Worthy Farm and VG2 are on the north hill and you'll also find all the helpful stuff like Welfare, Load and Found and the Medical Centre up there. On the south side of the valley, running from Shangri La to Steanbow Farm Road is an old railway line that is a raised embankment which makes it easy to distinguish from the other mud tracks. On the north side of the valley are some electric pylons and power lines and these are a black line on the map, the blobs are the pylons.
  2. Hello Folks, I've worked at Glastonbury in the past about 7 times doing security and living on site for up to a couple of months at a time. Although I haven't worked it for a few years now, I'm here for any help and advice and to generally join in the craic (Irish style craic, not the drug!).
  3. It appears that Solfest will be going ahead this year and it will be the last one due to the financial difficulties of last year. Some of their website has been updated, some is still using last years information, this is important because it is no longer on the site it has always used, it is on neighbouring land though so if you head in the same direction it is on the left side of the road rather than the right and a little further up. Don't want you getting to where you think it is and thinking you got the date wrong! Whilst I stewarded and crewed at Solfest for many years, I haven't been involved for a couple of years now so can't give much information.
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