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  1. The line-up here is actually very good. We may end up going. Are there any BBK Live veterans here? There aren't too many cheap places to sleep, which isn't really suprising with just 2 months to the festival. I assume the shuttle buses take you to the stadium? Does the metro work in the night? Cause I'm afraid it'd be hard to catch a taxi and there aren't that many good accommodations near the stadium.
  2. Poles said it's the same (or even worse) at another Polish festivals, it's a bit of a shame. I have to say that after initial shock our pack kinda got used to it. Though it still came as a surprise during our other visits at Open'er. As weird as it is, I wouldn't say it kills the festival vibe. Comparing to Sziget Open'er is way more focused on music than on "experience". And the atmosphere at the festival is very nice, even though surely less unique that on the island.
  3. Oh heck 😄 I was reading the Roskilde topic and commented here... DAMN. (Kendrick pun not intended) If any mod's happy with deleting both posts, I'm fine with that 😄
  4. I like that line-up. Headliners are quite weak, that's true, but the undercard is extremely diverse and very, very good.
  5. It's quite impressive they managed to be the only major festival other than Primavera to get The Smile. I don't know if my pack would say yes to going to Open'er again this summer, but while the headliners aren't really my thing, the undercard is diverse and indeed very good. The good thing is it doesn't really sell out, at least not early, eh? So one can make a decision much later.
  6. People seem happy on social media (judging by my non-existent Polish language skills :D), so I guess those announcements will move tickets. Megan is a big name and still fresh. I don't think she's ever played Open'er cause she got huge quite recently. Sampa the Great is indeed very good. Glass Animals are cool. I don't care about the two pop ladies announced today tbh, that's more of my girlfriend's department 😉 Overally no big thrill today, but line-up's still decent. The headliners thing takes long, but AFAIR it's a common thing for Open'er. As well as slow announcing routine.
  7. Maybe the YET part here is crucial 😉
  8. Today's announcement was rather underwhelming. Florence is okay, but she was expected. The undercard additions seem a bit uninspired though. Or maybe there are some hidden gems in today's list? The undercard was actually really good before, especially on Sunday.
  9. I see, you're right. Anyway, A$AP Rocky is in Europe in July. So is Tyler The Creator, but AFAIR he's playing another festival in Poland. Meghan Thee Stallion sounds like a legit option too, she also has some July European dates.
  10. Isn't the lack of rappers in the line-up more a thing of avoiding American artists due to Covid? They have to get SOMEONE though.
  11. Stromae's great live. And that first batch of names is actually quite promising.
  12. I'm gonna wait for the news about the Primavera Porto line-up so I could decide where to go, but hey it looks promising.
  13. Judging by other announced dates, the "crazy Saturday" is gonna be nearly as stacked as before. I doubt The Cure could be European exclusive for Open'er next year, do we know if they plan touring in 2021 at all?
  14. I think it would be a great booking for PKP, they're still awesome live nowadays. They don't move many tickets, that's true, that's why they would need a second big (-ish) act, possibly a strong rock/pop/hip-hop act. In 2016 their day had no one near needed popularity (Noel Gallagher, Chase & Status, The Lumineers etc.), no wonder it sold poorly.
  15. An obvious decision, but maybe their another try in 2021 ends up with a better line-up..
  16. You can pay with your card, debit or credit, it doesn't matter. I think it's convenient, what would I do with all those zlotys left in my wallet? They also had some kind of tokens years ago, but not anymore. Tickets are exchanged for wristbands at the entrance to the festival. Or at the railway station, where the shuttle buses start as well, I think? Can't really remember, we always got our wristbands at the site. You have to walk quite a distance to a place where you can call an Uber, so it's better to use a shuttle bus and then take a train (or uber) to Gdansk. It wasn't that cheap AFAIR, but still cheap (20? maybe 30 EUR) from Gdynia to Gdansk. If you share the cost between two or three people it's still a bargain. Trains are extremely cheap, like 2 EUR, so you can go to Gdansk by train and then walk or take an Uber to your hotel/flat. It isn't that easy to buy tickets for those trains though, if you don't speak the language, but Poles were super helpful. Damn, some good memories from that fest.
  17. I think it's one of the best European line-ups this year.
  18. I've got nothing against Miley, actually her day looks stronger when it comes to the undercard. It's just like the second most important act on Sunday is Die Antwoord, something I find very odd, judging by past line-ups.
  19. Well, I thought it would be convenient to see Rage in Berlin, but I'm not so sure after this announcement... It can't be the full line-up, can it? I roughly counted 55-60 acts last year and this is 40-ish? I don't think this line-up could be saved, but maybe made worth a one-day ticket?
  20. Thursday is extremely strong. The other days... not so much.
  21. Yay! Had a blast last year. I'd gladly come back, but it obviously depends on the names.
  22. I have personally enjoyed last year's Open'er a lot. This was our third time there over the years and the organisation went smoothly as it usually does (we didn't camp though). I think it was the only festival in the EU to have all three of The Strokes, Vampire Weekend and Interpol last year. Yes, we do like them NYC bands The line-up was quite diverse too. And the crowd at Open'er is really top notch. And yeah, the trip wasn't too expensive, Poland's still quite cheap. I don't think we're gonna come back this year, but you never know. It's looking quite promising at the moment, though they're a bit slow at announcing bands.
  23. This was my third outdoor festival this year and the third one wet and/or cold Whether it's south or north of Europe doesn't seem to matter haha.
  24. A very good year for Open'er, despite the shitty weather. Many highlights: Vampire Weekend, Rosalia, The Strokes (the rain tho!), Jungle, Kamasi Washington, Robyn, Kylie, Flatbush Zombies. I wish I caught more of Stormzy. Not convinced by J Balvin and Lana Del Rey, despite the huge turnout. A well organized event, many good gigs, friendly people. Getting more sun and less rain/wind wouldn't hurt though, but I guess I'm just unlucky (or cursed?) this year.
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