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  1. Aye, me too. Spent the whole of September in Birmingham Children's hospital - toddler had kidney failure. So tickets tomorrow would be nice......
  2. Sat at the Meeting Place bar most of Saturday afternoon. Then in the shade of the Glade bar and lounge. That did the trick!
  3. Anyone been through Worthy View enterance? Just wondering what the queues are like there.
  4. Three hours of work to do then im heading down to Bristol for the coach tomorrow. This weather thread has been epic, with the added cherry of a happy ending. Have an amazing time everyone!
  5. Ground report from my mate who got on site today...
  6. Who would have thought we'd be in this position the week before last? Quite a remarkable turn around. In all the years I've been going I've never seen the weather run up to be so mental! And then eventually turn out well!!
  7. Not that I believe that CLICKBAIT bullshit for a second. They're probably looking at the GFS runs from a few days ago
  8. Good. But according to Huffpost, we're fucked. http://huffp.st/K56n7gM
  9. Netweather lads (and lasses?) are livid at the downgraded temperatures. LIVID. Im very relieved.
  10. NEVER EVER LEAVE YOUR WELLIES AT HOME. Youre just asking for trouble. And I think things might still be a bit soggy from the rain Monday/Tuesday anyway. I'm wearing mine going into the festival.
  11. I've got some of that. Not tried it yet but it's meant to be the right stuff for such occasions. Nice and small too.
  12. Me too! 44. I'm having drinks at the Cider bus at midday if you'd like to join me..
  13. Yeah, why is everone just focusing on the GFS? Lots of talk of good runs from the other models and talk of hot dry weather too.
  14. Forecast all over the place from everyone, everywhere seem to be all over the place. I'm starting to think this is pointless. Might as well hang a bit of seaweed out of my tent.
  15. Also as far as I can gather, just the GFS looking bad. Again. That f*cker giving 30-50mm rain by Friday.
  16. https://www.netweather.tv/forum/topic/91894-model-output-discussion-the-start-of-summer/?do=findComment&comment=4048774
  17. What we looking at? Same as before?
  18. Still looking good here.
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