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  1. Meant to say we will be taking a wheelchair as back up
  2. We're in the west campervan field which won't be as bad as the east but still it'll be a trek. I'll be happy if I just get in to the nearest tents from there. I'm the same, useless on crutches but I am persevering and will take. Please no mud as I'm a banker to be rolling about in it ?
  3. @sedra, great idea. Have ordered them today. Cheers
  4. @carlosj, crutches will be coming with us and everything else except the kitchen sink ?
  5. Thankfully we're in the west campervan site
  6. @sedra, Hi Sedra, I'm in plaster. I think I'll be getting my plaster changed next week so they may say I can weight bear to some extent. I am determined to be there but the weather could be a deal breaker. I'll look into getting the boot covers. Be prepared for everything ?
  7. @Bexij, I'm hoping to can bear some weight come the time but whether it's knee Walker or crutches I'll be like Blackpool illuminations ?
  8. @Carlos Hi Carlos, as I'm non weight bearing crutches could be difficult but I will be taking them. Me and my sister had a right laugh at the WWE comment ? you're not wrong I'm already working hard to build my strength but it's worth it as I really want to go.
  9. Thank you for your reply. I've got all terrain Walker which is a plus and as we've got a trailer tent at least I won't have to walk from the car park. The weather is very important as if it's muddy I'll just chill out at our trailer. I've got a lot of work to do in the next 2 weeks to get myself prepared for all ground types, slopes etc. It's going to be a challenge to say the least..
  10. Hi, I broke my ankle on the 17th May, great timing ?. I've hired a knee Walker to get around in general but was wondering if anyone has used one at Glastonbury? Any tips info would be gratefully received. Oh and it's my 1st Glatonbury
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