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  1. Fat envelope

    The Joke Thread

    My wife was not impressed when I told her I had promised everyone she would show them her chicken impression. She went BESERK!
  2. I would add to those saying aim for Wicket. Stayed there this year with kids and it worked a treat
  3. Directions/info Oops, I think I broke the forum rules showing my wares and searching for validation of my limited artistic talents – my apologies ? To try and balance the forum universe, I recall somebody asked about my experience taking the kids this year so thought I would do a useful thread instead regarding my experience which went like absolute clockwork Kids were 10 and 7 at the time and we travelled down on the Weds morning from Yorkshire, to arrive on site c.1pm. arriving this time meant the initial queues had died down and we drove straight into the pink car park from the M5 without any hassle. We were planning on staying at Wicket Ground for a couple of reasons – you apparently have to join the early throng if you want a spot on the main family camping area (Cockmill), we didn’t want to be centred solely around the Kidz Field, plus Wicket was a bit out the way so perhaps a little more relaxed. On this basis, initially we were going to go in through Gate A as this is closest, but in the car park, someone mentioned that this one still had a min 2 hr queue to get in with regular new injections of people from those getting off the coaches at the nearby station. As it was, we went to gate D and literally walked straight up to get the wristbands – not even a 2 min queue. Admittedly, there was a longer walk once we were in there, but rather that than standing around with a couple of kids. We were in and the tent was up by about 3pm and off we trotted. Added bonus is that there are well maintained and relatively quiet composting toilets which eased the kids in to festival ‘life’ (they were long drop savvy by the end of the weekend though!) In terms of coming home, I did a run to the car early(ish) Sunday to drop a lot of stuff off, then had the family up at 4.30am Monday morning for them to set off back to the car just after 5am with their things, whilst I packed up the tent and followed about an hour later. We were off site by 7am Hope the above makes sense/is useful for any other 1st timers taking their kids (or not) – these were the main things I wanted to get right as much as possible before we did it and by luck and a bit of planning I think we saved ourselves some potential stress. Appreciate there may be questions about what/how we worked things whilst in, but I think the funs is finding out whilst there tbf. Happy to fill in more detail for anyone interested though
  4. I noticed that comfort/lenor bottles are see through when I went to get one. Ended up with some unknown brand to use. Tend to leave a bit of the product in there rather than rinse it out to mask the odour ??
  5. We are looking at wicket ground so planning on getting to gate A around lunchtime on Weds If we end up in a car park nearer gate D, are better off going in there and making our way across site? I'm not overly bothered either way, but with kids in tow every little helps Edit: Post above pretty much answers that ?
  6. Fat envelope

    Staying Cool

    I've got a fresh roll of silver covered bubble wrap style insulation left over from doing the shed - tempted to bring it along but worried it might just make the tent even hotter if I go with it...
  7. Got the bag out of the loft last night and realised I hadn't emptied the top pocket despite not using it for a long time. Could feel something odd in there but couldn't open the zip as it had rather worryingly crusted shut... After a bit of WD40 and some heavy handed pulling on the zip, it finally opened to find two pairs of ear muffs tangled together, which was a massive relief ?
  8. Tbf hair looks great but had a couple of beers now and it's making me laugh even more ???
  9. Fat envelope

    Staying Cool

    Just saw your profile pic and thought, who der hell is dat? The water sprayer is a good idea
  10. Will do my very best to make it ?
  11. Saw them supporting Pig x7 not so long back and whilst I thought the band were decent, I would go as far as to say the drummer is one of the best I've ever seen. Certainly live. Amazing talent, playing almost a jazz style off beat but in time. Would recommend for seeing him alone
  12. Didn't want to start a new thread, but does anyone know what the weather might be like for Glastonbury this year?
  13. Thought from the title you were going to tell us that the local Vicar was going to be helping clean out the toilets
  14. Just bought a couple of spare gas canisters in order that I can get some coffee on the go whilst still stirring from the intense sleep I will presumably be getting ? BOGOF in Mountain warehouse
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