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  1. More relevant than ever
  2. Appreciated! Thought this was going to be lost to the bottom of the page...
  3. As per this link: https://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/information/advice/medical-and-first-aid/prescribed-medicines-policy/ It mentions 'd. NOT bring non-essential tablets such as vitamin supplements' Any idea how strictly this has been policed in the past? I could really do with bringing some vit C, melatonin etc etc
  4. You win this forum. Bought these from Sports Direct and wore them into work today, seem good so far! Going to go without the wellies and pray for decent weather
  5. Think I'm going to purchase both and possibly leave the wellies in the car. Thankfully I work in central London so hopefully I can check some out over lunch and try them on!
  6. I make that 3 - 3 in the wellies vs walking boots-off. Having a quick google does indeed advise buying walking boots a month in advance... Thanks for the advice!
  7. Based on the recent forecasts I am resigning myself to some rain before/during the festival... I have only been once in 2017 so never bought any wellies. Please could you anyone recommend some decent wellies or walking boots to buy online that have served you well? I need to decide if walking boots will be able to decide the level of mud we will get over the next few days, or whether wellies will be essential... Thanks a lot!
  8. I'm quite interested, has there ever been a speculative list on here of the camp sites that fill up first to last?
  9. Also... there are taxi companies that seem to be offering this for under £200 - stupidly and sadly for the environment this actually beats the national express...
  10. Thanks for all of the responses everyone! I am concerned that 8.30am will be too late for the magic Kidney Mead spot...
  11. None of us are particularly fond of the driving back idea (especially myself, have a fairly low seizure threshold that I wouldn't want to mess with...)
  12. This is what I want to do, however I think others in the group may view it as a bit obsessive... (as if that could ever be a bad thing!)
  13. Thanks for the link, I like the concept of this but sadly doesn't work for our timings...
  14. thew2002

    Getting there...

    Big time stalker of this forum but this is my first post. Second time going (first time being 2017) , however our method of transport to the festival has just let us down so I'm stressed. We want to get a good spot on Kidney Mead, last time we were there for 7am Wednesday to ensure this happened. We are basically running on the following options, does anyone have any previous experience or advice which of these seem most reasonable/affordable: We are travelling from London (4 guys). Option 1: a taxi at 3am Wednesday to the festival site, and most likely the train home. Does
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