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  1. You've pretty much nailed it all there!
  2. The app is out! I've amended the clashfinder to match...
  3. Sorry, you're right! It's public now, and completed! Definitely some time errors and typos in there - I think anyone can edit if you do end up spotting anything
  4. Made a start! https://clashfinder.com/s/weouthere2019/ Difficult as there's no set finish times, but I've tried to do the best I can (20-30 minute between live sets, no gap with DJs). Still got some more stages to add, I'll get on it later.. give me a shout if you spot errors!
  5. I've since seen that they've said that times are coming TODAY! Which probably means the app too. Clashes, I'm really not sure... which is a nice feeling. I'll try and put together a clashfinder when the times are out, at least then I can whittle down my research a bit 😄
  6. Where's this app and stage times? 😒
  7. I'm not hugely au fait with the line-up, but can tell you Thursday is looking really really good. Nubya Garcia Joe Armon-Jones Theon Cross Ishmael Ensemble Rosie Lowe Charlotte Adigéry Connie Constance all great. The Comet is Coming and Sons of Kemet will be ace too. There's also a We Out Here playlist on Spotify if you do a search
  8. They posted a video at some point, but you can also get day splits on festicket website - https://www.festicket.com/festivals/we-out-here-festival/2019/. Possibly mentioned on the day ticket links too?
  9. I'm lucky that a lot of things are quite new to me so I won't mind what I see so much (though saying that, Thursday is stacked, ha!)
  10. Anyone going to this? New festival on the old Secret Garden Party site, set up by Giles Peterson. I think it's going to be ace! https://www.weoutherefestival.com/
  11. Well, I spent the week leading into Parklife wondering whether I should sell my ticket or even just not turn up. The weather looked grim, the mud from previous years looked grim, my stay over fell through so I'd have two Sheffield round-trips. Decided to go in the end, arriving at 2.30pm ready to see DJ Koze at 2.55pm. Of course, I hadn't planned for queues (facepalm). Even so, 2 hours is taking the piss really. Stood in the rain, on my own, I thought about just leaving so many times. Very glad I didn't. Gutted I missed Koze, Yaeji, Little Simz... but I saw SO much good stuff. Highlights were probably Solange, Earl Sweatshirt, JPEGMAFIA, Pusha T, Migos (just for that crowd), Kero Kero Bonito. Once inside, the festival ran impeccably.. all the food I had was nice, and I never had to wait long to get a drink (I was on the tea or water tbf!). Everyone was obviously veryyyyy young, but everyone was fine and polite to be honest. All my preconceived ideas were out the window pretty quickly.
  12. Is it right that the stage times for this don't come out until the day of the festival itself? 🙄
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