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  1. I was fortunate enough to squeeze a lot of gigs and festivals into the second half of the year. It actually turned out to be my most prolific year to date in terms of number of different acts. Sorry for the long post. 10 was too hard to pick, then I got carried away reminiscing! Wet Leg @ Latitude Festival black midi @ Green Man Festival The Lounge Society @ The Windmill VLURE @ MOTH Club The Cool Greenhouse @ Green Man Festival Porridge Radio @ Oval Space (Visions Festival) Osees @ Troxy caroline @ Bethnal Green Working Mens Club (Visions Festival) Squid @ End of the Road Festival Black Country, New Road @ Electric Ballroom Melin Melyn @ Green Man Festival Joe Armon-Jones @ Latitude Festival Girl Band @ End of the Road Festival Do Nothing @ Islington Assembly Hall Broadside Hacks @ End of the Road Festival Penelope Isles @ Studio 9294 Sarathy Korwar @ Green Man Festival Jon Hopkins @ Royal Albert Hall Alabaster DePlume @ Colour Factory The Lovely Eggs @ The Garage
  2. I've caught her three times at Festivals in recent years. First time was alright - a bit of fun, a novelty. Second was boring and seemed formulaic, the opposite of what the project was supposed to be. Third time, there was nothing else on but I still left after 15 minutes. Personally, I see her as a pop act suited to Latitude or the like rather than GM / EotR.
  3. Haha, yes! I was the tall guy with a mini backpack moshing with Dan and his group😂. He's like a drunk teenager at gigs, but with a ridiculously infectious positive energy. I'm normally on the edge of the rowdy section at gigs, but couldn't resist fully joining in last night.
  4. Yeah, especially with the trademark cowbell popping up! I reckon Keg are a bit more motorik though and Squid don't have a conch player (missing a trick there with the aquatic theme).
  5. I really enjoyed Keg too, but The Lounge Society blew me away last night. Way, way better than their set at GM this year and very high up in my all time list. I'd nearly written them off, but glad I gave them another chance! I think we're probably going to be at the same Legss gig too. I caught Butch Kassidy earlier in the year at the Windmill and was expecting them to pop up at GM this year, but they fell just short in Rising. I think in a normal year, they'd have still played on the Rising Stage, if it didn't have slightly more established acts than usual.
  6. Me too! Was already excited, but Keg pushes it to another level.
  7. Intrigued by what they've got up their sleeves next. Nick especially always seems like a well liked/respected guy by members of other bands, with him and/or his kit popping up at various shows. Hopefully plenty more to come, even if no more LK.
  8. I thought they actually got worse as a band over the previous two years. Their original fake American schtick was (surprisingly) far more entertaining IMO. I hadn't heard the rumours but am not overly surprised as the singer always seemed to be apart from and apparently actively ignoring the rest of the band in crowds this summer. Something didn't seem right compared with the early days.
  9. Wet Leg played a set only a track or two shorter than usual in the GM Records tent (most bands only play 2-4 tracks). They were very early on Thursday on Far Out and a lot of people missed them (including myself), so I think they tried to play as long as they could. I'm down the front in that video. No way I could miss them given how incredible they were when I'd caught them the previous month. So much fun live! I really thought they'd pop up at EotR this year late night after the London leg of the tour (they were supporting someone, hence not booked). Perhaps without covid protocols they might've! (as a side note to a point above, Idles was 2018 but was Big Top not Woods)
  10. He's UK-based anyway, although I don't know about the rest of the band (anyone?). Therefore, not sure if Ukraine makes it more or less likely. I'd like to see the results of the 'artists you'd like to see at GM' question from the survey. I reckon he'd be number one.
  11. Very encouraging news. I got very lucky on Twickets and bagged a cheap seat for the RAH show which then turned out to be front row (!), but was a little concerned that it and the remainder of this tour would get canned.
  12. I don't think the resale pages are open yet, but we'll have either 1 or 2 to sell on. Will naturally give a heads up here first.
  13. I read that the opposite way, in that they usually would have some saved for then but they don't this time around. Hope everybody here managed to get some!
  14. I've got my Early Bird again. Gutted that it got moved to clash with EotR this year and I had to sell. Intrigued by the line-up as I doubt they can match this year, but I trust the organisers that it'll still be great.
  15. I got in eventually (50 minutes or so in the queue), but Early Birds had all gone. Then, whilst I was coming to terms with the extra cost, Settlement Early Bird reappeared as an option. I breathed a sigh of relief, added them and went to pay and then got kicked back out again! Just managed to get back in and buy standard price Settlement tickets. Very disappointing sales process. There are clearly better options, as demonstrated by EotR last week.
  16. No luck at all. Was signed in with Ticketline in advance and been in a queue since 9:50. So stressful! I actually have one ticket rolled over, so will be going regardless, but we're after a couple of Settlement tickets instead.
  17. Very puzzled by this! EotR release day was so smooth. This is chaotic!!
  18. Can we stop posting second hand set reports, please? This thread is for gigs where you're pure and simple gonna be there. (sorry)
  19. Are you referring to the guy who got on stage for a whole song during Warmduscher?!
  20. Very happy for Arlo and loved her live last week, although I have to say the sound on the night was awful on her track!
  21. I'd give it to BC,NR. Thought they'd end up winning this for their debut album the very first time I saw them in 2019 (looked so hard for a way of betting on it at the time!). I think it captures them perfectly up to that point, although they're a different band now. I'll be interested to see what they play tonight. There's only 6 tracks on the album and if those they seem to have stopped playing their biggest song, Sunglasses, and have rewritten (again) their next biggest, Athens, France, since the album (itself a rewrite of a rewrite!). Would be very pleased to see Arlo Parks or Nubya Garcia win too.
  22. All good, my fellow Grecian! I guess we'll get clarity in due course 😊.
  23. I noticed yesterday when booking Early Birds. However, I just went looking again and found some wording which contradicts it on the camping info tab (i.e. says that area is boutique for 2022). No idea which is correct after all!
  24. On the map for 2022 the area near the Folly is back as general camping rather than boutique.
  25. Yes, it's bloody brilliant! Really attracts a music loving crowd, it's amazing fun and such great value too. I love PR so much (I've seen them 6 times this summer, although all at Festivals) and can't wait to see them headline RB 😊
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