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  1. Post-TGE, the only one of these I've not seen now are Porij. The other 7 are all fantastic, ridiculously good in fact! KJP is quite well established at this point; Honeyglaze and Keg are two of my favourite bands of the past year but I think a lot of people know of them now. English Teacher are hyped with good reason. Off key post-punk beats, interspersed with quiet sections of perfectly delivered lyrics on the mundanity of life. Can't wait to see them again. Lime Garden are lo-fi but catchy and hugely danceable too. Would perfectly suit early evening in the Walled Garden (or Rising?), IMO. Joe & The Shitboys were hugely fun. A number of songs were under 30 seconds and one that was one beat long! Lots of repetitive, shouting lyrics (in a fun way), with louds of crowd engagement - Joe moshing and people shouting the lyrics in almost every song. Widest smiles I've seen this year! Potential festival opener, @lessthanwill1? Unschooling are a northern-French, guitar-based (including 10 and 12 string!) post-punk. Great fun live, but could do with a couple more songs with a known hook, I think. Very exciting set of bands!
  2. I can't really recall that much, to be honest! They were definitely enjoyable though without blowing me away. Having said that, the bands before and after set a very high bar.
  3. Definitely. A bit like travelling, the pre-planning and anticipation last weekend was half the fun! Essential really given how many acts there are and the multiple sets, giving almost limitless possibilities. I still had to change plenty on the fly, but at least I had a few options pencilled in. I cannot stand queueing (and the stress of perhaps not getting in) so I learnt after the first day to get to stop rushing around so much and stay in one venue for a while, get to the front and focus on my must sees. Saturday was definitely the weakest day musically for me but I still very much enjoyed English Teacher, Lime Garden and Lido Pimienta. English Teacher at Komedia Studio we worth the wait, after not getting in to their previous show. The sound wasn't perfect, but they were still fantastic. Off key post-punk beats, interspersed with quiet sections of perfectly delivered lyrics on the mundanity of life. Can't wait to see them again. Lime Garden were my other must see of the day suited their post-sunset slot on the beach, just as the beach and city had calmed down after a frenetic day. Lo-fi but catchy and hugely danceable too. Lido Pimienta closed out the festival for me. I hadn't heard of her but Big Jeff recommended her and he was on the money, as ever! Colombian, but drawing influence from right across central and south America and the Carribbean. It was just her and a drummer/percussionist and between them they carved the perfect rythym for a Saturday night. I loved her lyrics and chat too - fierecly standing up for women's rights, Palestine etc. A great festival. I'll be back next year too.
  4. I popped back for Maria Uzor first thing today and it was much improved (good, in fact). That was only one person though - not sure if it's any better for bands.
  5. Completely forgot that Portron Portron Lopez were brilliant too. Another French (or French-Belgian) band. Two guitars and a drummer. The drummer was wild (he also gave me their album in the bar afterwards, so will check that out!). The fastest beat I've seen live. A fair few songs built up speed gradually to a phenomenal crescendo. They've been around for over 10 years, but don't seem very well known in the UK at least?
  6. An absolutely epic day today. Tonnes of post-punk and heavy stuff and the standard was outrageous. I went Slow Down Molasses > Bleach Lab > Treeboy & Arc > Opus Kink > Thumper > Portron Portron Lopez > Powerplant > Unschooling > The Byker Grove Fan Club > Joe & The Shitboys (could've also added Scalping in there, but saw them last week so sat quietly for a few minutes for once!) All of those bands were very good, but four blew me away - Treeboy & Arc, Unschooling, The Byker Grove Fan Club, and Joe & The Shitboys. I knew of Treeboy & Arc from their Speedy Wunderground single a few years back, but hadn't listened for ages. They are top-notch archetypal post-punk of the current generation and I'm amazed they've not broken through since then. Unschooling also post-punk (northern French), but slightly more guitar-based (including 10 and 12 string!). Great fun live, but could do with a couple more songs with a known hook, I think. The Byker Grove Fan Club are LOUD. Self described as post-macho noise pop, with lyrics all about toxic masculinity. Great humour and crowd engagement too. Joe & The Shitboys were hugely fun. A number of songs were under 30 seconds and one was one beat long! Lots of repetitive, shouting lyrics, with louds of crowd engagement - Joe moshing and people shouting the lyrics in almost every song. Widest smiles I've seen this year!
  7. In the venue already where Joe & The Shitboys are later. Seen some awesome acts today. Will post more on the train home!
  8. Fairly decent first day for me, although a few disappointments too. I didn't get into the venues for any of Joe & The Shitboys, Bleach Lab or English Teacher, despite arriving 100 minutes early for ET! I find that far too stressful. Sound across many venues was also poorer than expected, especially so at Revenge - avoid at all costs. Also, the VIP music journo thing is very, very irritating, especially when they turn out to be the biggest w*nkers in most venues, talking through quiet sets or making notes stony-faced whilst a punk band goes down! TEKE::TEKE were the discovery of the day for me - a fantastic psych psych/punk band from Canada and Japan who use a vast variety of Japanese traditional instruments. I loved Gustaf too (imagine Bodega with the singer from audiobooks and you won't be too far away). Kills Birds were fantastic, ascerbic punk. ARXX were joyous at the youth centre and were the most life affirming have of the day, and Penguin Cafe were a beautiful, calming way to end the day at St Mary's Church.
  9. How many screenshot attempts was that?!
  10. I quite liked the video (assuming there's a normal map at some point)! Although it's probably not very inclusive.
  11. Stage times next week, according to their Twitter.
  12. Stella Donnelly's also playing a couple of times this weekend at The Great Escape, too. She played the main stage at Green Man in 2019 and was one of my highlights of the weekend. Cutting, but often funny lyrics, often semi-spoken. Would draw easy comparison to early Courtney Barnett, but it's definitely more energetic.
  13. That RBCF gig with Stella Donnelly supporting is one I've been really looking forward to!
  14. L'objectif and Powerplant on my hitlist too. Going to almost exclusively focus on acts I've not seen, so unlikely to get to Keg, PVA etc. this time. Still very tricky to plan a day though isn't it, with 39 stages!! Wow, that's incredibly frustrating. I'd be livid!
  15. I agree Honeyglaze would be great quite early on Far Out. I think the first slot though have generally been acts with a WTF element to them - International Teachers of Pop, audiobooks, Wet Leg? Perhaps Melyn Melin (or Mermaid Chunky if they're added?!) would fit that? edit: just seen that my memory was playing tricks and audiobooks were second on in 2019!
  16. Is anyone else heading down to Brighton for The Great Escape next weekend? Just going through TGE line-up and I think there are 8 already announced GM acts on the bill: Honeyglaze, Katy J Pearson, Keg, English Teacher, Lime Garden, Joe & The Shitboys, Porij, and Unschooling. Mainly reasonably known acts at this point, but the final 5 there have escaped me live so far and I'll be trying to see them. Unschooling (French post-punk band - often likened to Crack Cloud) seem to be everywhere this summer and really jump out at me on record, so am very excited about seeing them live. Presumably there'll be a few more additions to Rising from the other acts at TGE too.
  17. You're right. Friday night in 2019! Got to be Big Top this time, haven't they?
  18. Piano stage, I reckon!
  19. We're confident Deerhoof are going to be added, right? Holding back on their tour, assuming they'll be at EotR.
  20. Caught Mandy, Indiana and Scalping at fabric last night. I'd heard a lot of great things about Mandy, Indiana but they didn't do anything special for me. Solidly enjoyable, but I think the bass was a little heavy for the vocals in the set up at the venue. Would like to see them again elsewhere. Scalping were bloody brilliant. A band I've just missed through illness and clashes a number of times, so delighted to finally catch them. The heavy nature of the sound set up suited them perfectly. I hadn't listened to the new album, for which this show was the launch, but that didn't matter. They have to be a post-headline late night act, surely?!
  21. With you on all but Iceage!
  22. Quite frustrated by the clashes this time around! Worst it's ever happened for me at a festival (as a % of my must see acts). Big gaps where there's nobody of interest and then things like Mavis Staples v Iceage; Alt-J v DIIV; Big Thief v Unschooling; The Strokes v Kikagaku Moyo; Metronomy v Porridge Radio; Nick Cave v Automatic.
  23. Yeah, they're all really close. Unless it's someone you really want to be at the front for, you generally don't really have to worry about one act finishing at the same time as another begins. If you time it right, moving to the back (ideally back left) during the last song, and leg it you can get between Far Out / Mountain (or at least the area where you can clearly hear that stage from) within a couple of minutes. It's a 5-6 minute walk. The only place you might get caught up is near the toilets/food sellers/courtyard entrance area, especially if it's muddy. Walled Garden is a little trickier if you're in a hurry due to the paths in/out of that way often being narrow and a bit congested at busy times, but distance-wise is actually closer to either FO/M than they are to each other. There is a path around the back, which is convenient if coming from Rising, the left side of Mountain or if the main paths are super-busy or muddy. That sometimes gets you in fairly close on the left, if there's a scrum further back. Getting out of the WG can be busy for the same reasons, so is the stage I'd be most likely to leave a song early from if I'm keen to get elsewhere. GM Rising is very close to Mountain and stage times are perfectly staggered. Get to the far left of the main stage during the last song and then it's a 90 second walk. Sometimes you can cut around the right of the pond, depending on stage placement relative to the bushes/trees and any paths through them, to get close in to Rising where there is often more space than people realise. Chai Wallahs is similarly close to FO as Rising is to Mountain. Again, back left of FO allows for the best exit.
  24. Just carrying on diving through the playlist and came across a few more who might be up your street - definitely ROLLA and perhaps PEAKS!, Gathering of Strangers and Banks Arcade too.
  25. BC,NR are my most seen band, which I feel very fortunate about. We'll be at the Brighton show in about 3 weeks, which is currently (surprise London show notwithstanding) set to be their first without Isaac. Will post how that goes!
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