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  1. My partner has sprained her foot, ordered Crutches and a Boot for delivery tomorrow. Our first time so was getting worked up about the whole thing and now stress levels are through the roof
  2. Chowie

    The Weather Thread 2019

    Remember temps are recorded in the shade, so if it's 26 in the shade... direct sunlight is allot hotter.
  3. Chowie


    Crane has moved it's arm.
  4. Chowie


    Could be in for a Massive game of Swing Ball.
  5. I have the double 7.5cm one of these, packed it’s huge, bigger than my tent bag. Needs lung power to get it 7.5cm thick and a few more puffs most nights to keep it up.
  6. Chowie

    Emoji Quiz

    3) Vampire Weekend 10) Pale Waves 14) Cat Power 18) Hot Chip 26) Bananarma
  7. Chowie

    Your 5 Must Sees

    1. The Cure 2. Idles 3. Liam G 4. Kurt Vile 5. Doreen Doreen ?
  8. It's 4 man, but got my self one of these, the price dropped £33 this week to £67, you can stand in it and has black out. https://www.argos.co.uk/product/8686361
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