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  1. Anyone heading along? whats the security like?
  2. Looks like Lil nas X is in London so no doubt he will be there. Doubt he could perform for an hour slot in replace of uzi however..
  3. Carti is playing a show in Mexico on Saturday, so no hope there Will either be a UK artist or potentially Rick Ross as he is playing wireless germany?
  4. ahh true! Yes they deserved it, what idiots! I am looking forward to seeing him the most this weekend.
  5. I won tickets to Sunday as well! They must be giving them away on the dice app
  6. The QR code doesn't go live until 2 hours before the event starts. I presume I can send the codes then. I wouldnt mind selling them or swapping for a saturday or sunday tickets
  7. Just won x2 tickets for today on the dice app, Im working though so cant go
  8. Can you buy tickets for someone else on Show Film First? I just registered, hopefully they accept my registration!
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