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  1. Well... I got through it all andI found a few new bands to check out in more detail but boy do I need to investigate what else I can do for five days to have fun. I bet the line up is amazing for a lot of people but it's left me a little lost. I've seen Placebo are a strong rumour but unconfirmed so here's hoping on that front. Anyway thanks for the link
  2. Hi all, first post on this forum and looking for some advice if anyone is able to offer any. Below is a list of bands I plan on watching at Glastonbury and I wondered if anyone could recommend any more that I might like. I’ll be completely honest, only a few bands in the list are ones that I’m genuinely excited to see* and the rest are more… ‘I know they’re good so I’ll watch them but I don’t really care if I miss them either’. I really like poppy punky guitar music, usually with a female vocalist like The Beths, Doe, Fresh, Alvvays etc and that aside my favourite bands have been The Strokes, The National, Rilo Kiley, Placebo, Ash, The Joy Formidable, The Get Up Kids, Radiohead, SFA, Tegan and Sara, Bloc Party - I suppose they are pretty safe and well known bands but hey, it’s what I like. I’ve only been to Glasto once before in 2007 and it was a total and complete wash out but I still saw plenty of bands that I liked. I’ve tried for tickets since and failed every time except this year and being honest, the poster line ups have been pretty disappointing. I don’t really care for any headliners and while I like a few on the undercard, my general reaction to all the other poster line ups has been ‘who?’ - I’m not totally ignorant to music but I just don’t know anyone - seems like just lists and lists of DJ’s on most posters. I’d love to be able to go with more bands in mind that I would be really excited to watch - I guess I’m a little out of touch for cool new bands so perhaps people can help me out Bands/Artists I will watch: Kylie* / Sharon Van Etten* / Tame Impala* / Vampire Weekend* / Sigrid* / The Cure* Bands/Artists I will probably watch: Hot Chip / Chemical Brothers / The Good, The Bad & The Queen / Ms Lauren Hill / Idles / Wu-Tang Clan / The Killers / Liam Gallagher / Johnny Marr / Interpol / Friendly Fires / Two Door Cinema Club / Bastille / Miley Cyrus / Snow Patrol / Sheryl Crow / Santigold / The Streets
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