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  1. FartSauce

    Long drops

    Shit thread. ?
  2. Keep it real, homeslice.
  3. Are the festival wristbands provided at check in at WV or should you get them at Gate A before getting the shuttle to WV?
  4. Any word on availability of contactless this year?
  5. https://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/areas/bars/ Cheers! ?
  6. FartSauce

    Lost ticket

    I've 5 mates who have lost their tickets also...?
  7. FartSauce

    Staying Cool

    I was born cool, baby...
  8. More Ra.... Oh. Its a roller coaster of emotions.
  9. FartSauce

    Practice Pack

    So after you've practice packed, do you practice unpack? If you do a really good "practice pack", you should just upgrade that pack to "Packed".
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