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  1. I agree, I didn’t feel it was moody at any point.... I think with that many people there you can always run the risk of standing next to a few ? ends.... I find if you move a few feet in any direction then it’s normally all cool and fluffy again. How many more sleeps now??
  2. ?? no problems at all.... will gladly carry you round in my rucksack. Not up the hills though
  3. I wouldn’t of minded that, I would of quite happily carried her round if that’s what she needed...?
  4. Windenlake is a totally different thing all together, they have ticket and accommodation packages ranging from £2k up to £20k. They manage all the Helicopters for celebs and artists so hence the reason they have tickets allocated to them by the festival. Our friends use Windenlake due to his wife having the dreaded Cancer. She loves the festival and having access to the facilities up there including bus service, quiet bar and food options, this means she can manage the festival in her own style.
  5. Met him in 2017 near the Glastonbury Festival Hospital, I ruptured my ankle ligaments on the Thursday evening (buying a cup of tea of all things) and woke Friday morning to find my ankle twice the size of the other. Stayed off site at Windenlake and the owner of Windenlake took us in and we passed ME who stopped had a quick chat and asked how my ankle was and hoped it wouldn’t stop my festival to much...... it hurt and it did but got to meet ME so take the rough with the smooth I guess.....
  6. I think it fell off during her 4/5 outfit changes.......
  7. I acted strangely all weekend and still feel a little strange now.....?
  8. Well done, a great start to July
  9. I started to feel normal yesterday again, back in the gym back to work. Then yesterday afternoon at 3 hit a walk and couldn’t keep my eyes open.... my wife has had the full on cough and cold since Monday....: but she likes to stay out later then me normally with the naughtier ones of our group ?
  10. All I can say is WOW, thought they smashed it to pieces. I loved every minute of it, and set me up nicely for Sister Bliss (Faithless) in Glade after who also dropped some old school bangers..... a fab few hours of an already fab festival.... once casualty was the sole of my converse boots came off in mid move at Glade..... small price to pay. Roll on 2020..... please Faithless come and play your bangers Saturday evening as the sun goes down
  11. I caught a girl trying to get into my rucksack on Saturday at The Chemicals, I felt something and turned around and she had her hand caught in my rucksack..... she was with 3 hound lads all laughing.... not realising we were 10 big lads all in a row.... I am 6ft 5 and train daily at the gym.... needless to say once I told them to fuck off before I threw them over the stage they soon moved..... luckily it was me and not some of the other lads if they would of hit first and asked after. Can’t stand theft, if you want a drink from my rucksack just ask and I will happily give you one.
  12. Really??? That’s horrible.... I have only done 7 now but never seen any trouble at all.... was it between two big groups??
  13. I suppose the option of getting lifted is the lesser of two evils vrs the long drops ?
  14. I think most of the festival people look like they are out of it...... people openly sniffing coke off credit cards in the crowd at the pyramid. I don’t mind a dabble late into the evening but I thought it was very obvious and open this year.
  15. Staying up all night and insisting I can crack the F on through Thursday resulted in me being in bed by 8pm. hydration salts, water and zero tackle until I felt normal (ish) again was the way forward. It made for a better day longer night and this is something I will do next year. Not use the power of narcotics to get me over a hump which it never did. eat more, did this as well and energy levels were better when needed for the wee small hours
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