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  1. Don't know if this has been mentioned but with Sleaford mods playing up at Shangri la, any chance of them being one of the park stage sets?
  2. Alo all, We have a group of 12 going glasto this year, 6 tents or so (ticket god's were kind). Been in groups this big in the past but this was a few years ago, haven't been since 2014 and don't know if it's more of a struggle now with peeps arriving Tuesday night. We have camped in pylon field but had got a coach to gate A. And the other years we drove we camped right near gate D so miles away. Planning on arriving about 8am Wednesday by car and entering at A or D, anyone reckon we would get as far in as oxylers? Or get to the pylon and just get a spot dow
  3. Flamingods are a sort of psycadelic rock band from Bahrain they are brilliant. Their new album levitation is great and well worth a listen. They are playing at the HMS sweet charity in the park, played in 2017 at about 1am so anticipating the same!
  4. With park and West Holt's getting their individual line ups, will we maybe get a john peel individual announcement?
  5. Great catch. With the park just being announced if they released today it would be a line up extravaganza ?
  6. They used to do them in the beat hotel itself. Not sure if they still do, this was back in 2014! I will be finding out this year thankfully
  7. Whereabouts is that? We've been up by gate A the last little while, means beat hotel is a stop on the walk to a lot of places !
  8. It's good the random bits you can come across! I first found it just walking back from Williams green guilty pleasures on the Thursday night, cracking Rob da bank plays most Sunday mornings there I think, occasionally doing the prince tribute with Tayo? Rarely go actually in to be honest apart from getting a drink, it's good outside!
  9. Georgeb93

    The Beat Hotel

    Alo all, I love this place, go along mid morning get some pancakes, then have an absynth cocktail and dance to some disco, then back later that night to dance on a small pyramid into the early hours ? This was one of my Sundays at glasto a few years ago, not much exploring was happening by this point after 5 days. I know the line up for this won't be available until the full one, but has anyone else had good times here and seeing who?
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