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  1. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? Nah, fair enough, although I must say I'm surprised. It was the first time I've ever seen them, so that might have been a factor too. Have you seen them before out of curiosity, and do you think it is just a case of you've seen them too many times, if you will?
  2. Kiss/System of a Down/Foo Fighters. Make it happen Download. Foo Fighters were insanely good at Leeds last year (joint best live band I've seen), and I think they'd smash a headline set at Download.
  3. Only Revolutions, and my favourite has to be Mountains, love that song to pieces. Special mention to The Captain as well. Never seen them before, but would love the chance to on their next UK tour (a big rock band that actually comes to Newcastle!? Hallelujah!)
  4. BFMV > Shikari > BMTH > Biffy. Fantastic run. Catfish into Monkeys would be insane too.
  5. Indeed, they were class at Leeds. Could see them potentially going down quite well at Download, but for some reason, I just can't see them ever doing it. Would love to be proven wrong though.
  6. I'm really hoping it's just an arena show in London for SOAD personally instead of Download (would love them to do a full UK tour, but can't see that ever happening, so travelling it is!). I'm fully expecting them to be headlining Download next year however.
  7. I honestly think it might be Biffy/Courteeners if that's the case. Biffy are great, wouldn't mind that at all, but still, there'll always be a feeling of "Could have been watching Rage instead". Less said about Courteeners the better, although the current audience would lap them up.
  8. That's gutting if true, genuinely gutting. Will probably be a London show only if they come to the UK, which will be a lot of travel for someone living up North!
  9. Can't see Kanye ever doing it unfortunately. Shame, because he's one of the few rappers I can actually get away with to be honest, has some great songs. Although it must be said that the guy is an absolute loon!
  10. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/newsbeat-52893654 Interesting little article from our very own Melvin Benn on how things might go for 2021. Completely missed it to be honest, so people might have seen it.
  11. Haha, very true to be fair. I read it's artwork that's holding it up or something?
  12. I'd love to see it, I personally thought they were class at Leeds last year. I'd say they deserve a shot, especially if the new album does well.
  13. As soon I saw Gorillaz announced for Primavera, instantly thought they could do this. That would be an excellent booking, probably a UK exclusive as well. Has anyone here seen them live? Any good? I've loved them since I was a kid, but have never got the chance to see them unfortunately.
  14. The View From The Afternoon for me, such a great song. But yeah, cheers for that game, was a good bit of fun.
  15. Could potentially see Royal Blood co-headlining with someone in 2022/23 or something. Don't think they'll be back 2021, as they seem to be doing smaller festivals next year (This is Tomorrow in Newcastle). Saying that, would love to see them headline. Think they'd smash it, they were brilliant in 2019!
  16. With R+L cancelled, it was only a matter of time I guess. Ah well, for the best. I'm guessing Fontaines might have their own plans, so they might have had to drop out because of this.
  17. 100% correct decision to cancel. The only name I want to be there for definite next year is Rage, and with their new tour dates, it looks hopeful.
  18. Really tough one, Welcome to the Black Parade just edges it though.
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