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  1. Factory floor / HAAi / Pinch?
  2. Rapsody is a possibility I think?
  3. I had no idea but only heard them recently. Did you see them?
  4. Where abouts at glasto might Lankum play? Day time WH or JPT or smaller stage? Would love to see them
  5. That would be amazing werent people talking about erykah badu? Has that been ruled out?
  6. What are the chances drive-by truckers show up?
  7. I thought bst presale is tomorrow?
  8. golden egg

    Kendrick Lamar

    TPAB > DAMN = GKMC > UU = S80 Is there more news that makes his booking more likely?
  9. Any interest? or can anyone recommend best place to resell?
  10. Would anyone like two tickets for the bicep WHP night?
  11. golden egg

    2020 headliners

    Kendrick / Rihanna / Blur make it happen
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