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  1. Next to each other on that sound clash stage in Shangri-La?
  2. Sunday is listed as a non strike day but it says services will be reduced. If they’re still selling tickets for a particular route Is that likely to remain in place come Sunday?
  3. Does the shuttle bus still run on Sunday and how often/long should it take from castle cary? Also, Sunday is listed as a non strike day but it says will be running on a reduced service. Does that mean more trains could be cancelled that day?
  4. Would it be fair to say the majority of glasto goers would be more into the dnb regulars / jump up than the likes of zenker bros so two huge areas like iicon and block 9 are bound to seem a bit sparse even with a heavyweight lineup?
  5. Is Kendrick 100% going to be Sunday?
  6. Also, what does it say In the app for the tickets you’re on waiting list for? Just for comparison
  7. Which tickets are you on the waiting list for? Just the one day ticket?
  8. Did anyone see a band called Tazer Christ or something in bimble inn on Sunday?
  9. What’s the reason behind saying Kendrick won’t be there? Have I missed something?
  10. Has anyone bought from DICE’s waiting list? When I went to buy tickets it said there were none available but there was the Waiting list, but when I signed up for DICE’s waiting list they took the payment and the app now says ‘youre going”. have I bought a ticket or have the taken payment for a spot in the waiting list that will refund if I don’t get an actual ticket? Kind of reluctant to book flights or anything until I know we have tickets.
  11. Not electronica/dance I know but what would that king tubby meets rockers uptown track on Blues represent?
  12. I’m awful at using this board but there will be another chance to see them there!
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