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  1. Was the only option,better safe than sorry. At least they are carrying tickets over to 2021. We will be getting refund though, can't do next year.
  2. People just have to accept it that all events with large crowds look like there going to be stopped, that includes festivals, sporting events, etc. It needs to be done ASAP. Just accept it.
  3. Yes...it looks increasingly likely that possibly large scale gatherings will be stopped, unfortunately this includes festivals, hygiene is an important factor, which is not easy to control with big crowds. This virus is starting to spread at a fairly rapid rate now, ok not to many in the UK at present, but its not going to stay like that. No comments yet from Eavis.
  4. Totally agree, the system is so dated. I didn't want a full ticket this year, as just looking at going on a Sunday Locals Ticket, but tried to get one just one for my daughter, luckily she managed to get tickets. Difficult to know what they could do, Eavis isn't really interested as long as he gets the tickets sold , I would definitely remove See Tickets though, they just don't cope at all, but no matter what they do its still going to be very difficult. Its gone far to big, which is good for the money they raise, but still doesn't help in getting tickets.
  5. Deneva48

    Coach Tickets

    I’ve given up on Glastonbury now, at 70 I feel I don’t want to bother anymore. My still daughter wants to go, and take her 8 year old son. Afraid her husband isn’t interested. If she was to try for a coach ticket can she take her son on the coach, I understand he doesn’t have to try for a ticket.
  6. Few questions re next years festival I am not sure if I will be going, as I found it very hard at times coping this year. My Daughter who hasn't been for about 10 years wants to try for a ticket, and wants me to go with her and her son. Her son will be 9 years old by then, am I right in thinking he doesn't have to pay ? . Does she have to register him for a ticket ? along with herself. I am thinking of going on a Sunday ticket, living locally I can try for one, I've done it in the past. It could be that later on in November she will be moving to live with us for about 12 months,. if she cant get a full ticket could I try and get her and my grandson a Sunday ticket, or do you have to have lived locally for a set period.
  7. Deneva48

    Biggest Surprises

    Me actually going to watch STORMZY, and really enjoying it. Tried areas this year I never usually bother with like Silver Hayes..it’s not for me, but I enjoyed some of it. Got dragged to Shangrila, afraid that’s still lost on me, I sneaked off to Bimble inn. Did a lot of the smaller stages...that was great, oh and some good turns on the bandstands. Something for everyone at Glastonbury.
  8. Deneva48

    2020 headliners

    Pyramid ******** Jimi Hendrix The Doors David Bowie Other ******** Janis Joplin Leonard Cohen Rory Gallagher I’m not bothered as long as it’s not Coldplay, Muse, or Elton John.
  9. As much as I’m a huge Neil Young fan I must admit your right, I saw him there a while back and it is one of my favourite Glastonbury moments. Afraid these days his appearances are pretty dire. I hope this is just a wind up rumour. Please don’t book him Michael Eavis
  10. I agree with that, I think it will be good for the festival, I didn’t bother with either of the two you mentioned, both way past there sell by dates. Fleetwood Mac are a bit of an Enigma when it comes to Glastonbury, there excuse is we’re to busy on tours, Eavis says the’er to expensive, myself I believe the latter. I watched the Killers, now there a band as big as Fleetwood Mac, there more than happy to do Glastonbury, they just love the place. I’ve given up on Fleetwood Mac, the festival doesn’t need them..
  11. Pretty much my thoughts as well, I left straight after Christine and the Queens, home in an hour ?. Killers were best for me, surprisingly I enjoyed Kylie's set. Explored areas I usually never do, afraid Shangrila still doesn’t do it for me. We camped in Dairy Fields as have done for last 20 years, it was ok, like all areas there are the usual dickheads, I just put the ear plugs in. For the last 5 festivals I’ve said that’s my last, at 70 now it’s not easy sleeping on the ground and in this weather knackering getting round. Next year should I get a ticket it WILL be my last, I’m switching to Worthy View, bit more civilised..lol. I tried a motorhome one year, far to expensive to hire now.
  12. I would say that the litter issue as slightly improved, at first I didn’t think banning sale of plastic bottles would make much difference, but it has. People just need educating on general litter, it seems the norm to just drop it on the ground. I left last night, be interesting to see what camping areas are like after the exodus. More bins needed, and emptied more often.
  13. Deneva48

    Tent theft - look out!

    All money is kept inside sleeping bag at night. Just take old pay as you mobile to any Festival we are at. Besides the robbery, it’s worrying with all the knife and violent around, never seen much trouble at Glastonbury, but it only take one idiot.
  14. Deneva48

    Car keys

    I lost a camera there about 10 years back, not a cheap one either, I was gutted as it had so many pictures on it. When I got home I went online to the Glastonbury office web page for lost property, gave full description. I had more or less given up but 4 weeks later it was returned by post. Sort of gladdens the heart that there are lots of good people at Glastonbury.
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