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  1. One thing I love about PS is seeing bunch of 50 years old crowds smoking weed while getting hyped and hyper excited watching their favourite performer. Can’t find those good ambience at other fest.
  2. Man… the Boss in Primavera Sound would be 🔥🔥🔥🔥
  3. Sounds wonderful. With helish experience of waiting for bus to get back to accomodation (added with overcrowded issue) in other major Spanish festival, BBK seems a good option for my next year festival trip. Thanks
  4. Was it difficult to get to the festival/going back to accomodation if staying at the city?
  5. With Miley back in 2019 and Dua Lipa this year, pretty sure that Gabi will bring one of the Major Pop artist as a headliner next year. Harry Styles or Taylor Swift maybe? or the Weeknd?.. or…………Beyonce?
  6. Unfortunately, I think half of those artist will perform at Madcool. But, the good thing is this year Madcool performers will be able to play at PS 2023 (Halo Phoebe Bridgers, St Vincent, Wolf Alice, Modest Mouse, Haim & War on Drugs)
  7. If I’m not mistaken both of Sigur Ros and PJ Harvey will release new record in the end of 2022- early 2023. Pretty strong candidate for PS 2023 I suppose.
  8. How far the VIP viewing platform to the stages?
  9. Never been to RW and (up to now) this is the only music fest this year with glowing review from the audience side. Been thinking to go to RW next year but really curious on how long usually the ticket sold out from the initial sales? And How far the distance from one stage to the other?Is it difficult to get through the front and middle barricade on the main stage, barn and klub cv?
  10. It’s crazy that PS LA tickets sales doesnt’t going well (eventho they slash the ticket price). Still think that the lineup is 100x better than other US fest lineup that succesfully sell the ticket. Hopefully the US low ticket sales does not affecting the PS Barcelona arrangement and lineup next year.
  11. Portishead, NIN, Bjork.. it would be (good) gloomy festival in 2023. and I reckon that Massive Attack is somehow “owe” us to perform in 2023 right :). Add Lamb, Tricky, Everything But The Girl reunion (please God), or Zero 7 in the loop, and we’ll have good collection of trip hop god and goddess in 2023
  12. Really want to buy the early bird, but I think I’ll wait in which Spanish Festival that Kendrick will land. But looking forward for months leading to artist speculation in this forum 🙂
  13. Really curious to hear reviews on how Madcool and BBK perform this year. Battle between PS and these two festivals on Artist lineup will be crazy next year with artist like NIN, Kendrick, Arcade Fire, Arctic, The Shins (perform oh inverted world in full), My Morning Jacket, PJ Harvey, Bjork, Sigur Ros, Perfume Genius, Travis Scott, SZA, Taylor Swift etc etc are seems on the table to perform next year. And somehow I believe (and hope) that all issues relate to overcrowded and cancellation due to COVID will resolve next year.
  14. Yup.. the global economic inflation and recession will surely impact people and their traveling plan next year, which include festival ticket purchase.
  15. Always want to experience BBK festival. Do the non camping accommodation is walking distance from the festival venue?
  16. Kendrick…Holy Hell!!!!! Really curious of which Spanish Festivals that will be able to get Kendrick next year. My initial guess is Mad Cool, while PS will get Travis Scott.
  17. Wow… I’ll stick with PS Barcelona then (or leave my comfort zone and try Mad Cool or BBK)
  18. The PS Madrid location farther to city than Madcool? Only went to Madrid in 2014, and really unfamiliar with the city.
  19. Watch At the Drive In back in 2016. Sadly, Cedric’s voice is way off compare to his prime day. My Morning Jacket still one of my bucket lists. Excellent live band, would be good for 2 hours plus Auditori or Binance set. But somehow, that band only play in US festival. Sault also one of the artists that I’m looking forward to see. Their records always excellent, and all those mysterious persona definitely add their selling point.
  20. Are there any accommodations available near festival site?
  21. I think they will be doing okay in the South America market. While US market is a different beast
  22. Does PS give a huge discount to its LA ticket price? The 3 days VIP now only 750 USD while the original price is around 900 USD if I’m not mistaken.
  23. Yup depends on the performer (eventho unpredictable) Overcrowded: Tame Impala, Charli XCX, Disclosure, Dinosaur JR, Gorillaz, Sharon Van Etten A lot of crowd but not cramped; Beck, Nick Cave, Caribou, Tyler, Pavement Pretty chill crowd can move around easily: National, DJ Shadow, Mogwai, Jorja Smith, Einsturzende Neubauten
  24. Weren’t BITS also overcrowded during Grimes and Black Coffee (W2 Day 2)? Where they closed the access to the site. While, at the same time they also close the access to The Strokes at Mordor due to the overcapacity.
  25. Thank you for the info. Seems Mad Cool is such a nice festival. The only red flag for me probably the distance otw back to the accommodation when the festival ends. Hopefully there’s a numerous accommodation available with affordable price that walking distance to the festival.
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