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  1. Where did people get the £2.50 tickets last year?
  2. vahri

    Self Confirmed 2020

    A guy I work with knows members in the band ( the libertines) and I asked him if they were playing it and he's said no. I was hoping they were in the hopes he could fish to see who else would be
  3. For starting line ups, this festival is on point. Its actually announcing rock acts, decent ones at that
  4. vahri

    Taylor Swift

    Ahh yeah good point, well I hope it happens!
  5. vahri

    Taylor Swift

    It have to be the sunday though, would they have her closing?
  6. vahri


    I think he would have a large pool of people, he has tones of tunes and very different too most artists with such an original voice
  7. vahri


    I only think that as of my friends that got them yesterday two started with A and the other J. Could be complete shite though ?
  8. vahri


    Could it be alphabetical order? Or is that stupid... i.e my email begins with V and I haven't got it
  9. vahri


    @Gilgamesh69 Does that mean you have already got tickets?
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