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  1. Yes Lawd. I saw him for the first time at Coachella this year and he was incredible.
  2. I haven’t stayed there but check out Ashcombe Park
  3. Glasto19


    I booked a motorhome this morning then stressed out all day about getting a ticket. I found the perfect motorhome so didn’t want to miss out. Luckily I managed to get a ticket very easily ?
  4. I noticed the option to buy campervan tickets popped up a few minutes before 7pm and managed to grab the link before it disappeared. Refreshed at 7, straight through without a holding page, purchased before 7:01!
  5. I can't believe I was stressing out for nothing. I had three computers set up with VPNs etc. I didn't even see a holding page - straight through and purchased before 19:01!
  6. Thanks - that's good to know. Do you think there's much point in using multiple devices and auto-refresh, or am I likely to get a ticket just by refreshing on one device?
  7. Is it the same as buying normal tickets? Refreshing furiously, holding page etc. I know I'll have to select the type of campervan ticket and enter my registration number.
  8. Glasto19

    Alcohol Thread

    Between two people: 50 cans of lager 12 cans of cider 1 litre of spiced rum A bunch of frozen cocktails and ice lollies (we're bringing a cooler box this year)
  9. Glasto19

    Big Tent

    An eight man tent will be a good size for five of you. Remember you'll need space for your bags and whatever else you bring. I always camp in Lime Kiln as it's a bit quieter and there's more space up there.
  10. Cool, looking forward to that.
  11. Yeah I was thinking the same. I just wish they were more consistent with labelling as DJ or Live. What do you think about George FitzGerald then? One of his sets is listed as DJ and the other isn't.
  12. I hate that they’ve listed two of their sets as DJ and the other one is a mystery. I’ve never been to The Gas Tower but it looks a bit small for a live set.
  13. Am I right in thinking George FitzGerald's set on Thursday will be live rather than a DJ set?
  14. Fri - Jon Hopkins Sat - The Chemical Brothers Sun - The Cure
  15. Glasto19

    Stage locations

    Who are you planning on seeing Saturday night?
  16. I've already looked through a bunch of threads with tips on how to make a cooler box last longer. Frozen water bottles instead of ice cubes, "pre-charge" the box, chill the cans before packing them etc. My cooler box is only 50QT (47 litres) so it wont be able to hold all of the 60+ cans we're taking (plus ice), therefore I'm not sure how much ice to pack compared to beer. Do fill it with 90% ice and 10% beer, then swap out the cans as I drink them? Or would it be better to start off with a smaller layer of ice but more chilled cans? I'm probably thinking this through too much but I can't stand warm beer!
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