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  1. So.. there’s been a fair bit of chat about Harry Styles and whether he’ll be playing, but what do we think is the likelihood he will be at Glastonbury this year? It feels a little late for a big line up announcement now. So, I have a bet going with a mate that he’ll turn up as a secret set over the weekend. She’s not convinced… but he has a gap on his gigs over that weekend and he feels like he could fit the bill. What does everyone think? Do you think he’d do a secret set?
  2. Just wondering if it works the other way round too? My coach back is 4:00am Monday to Southampton and ideally want to leave a little later! I noticed the same thing (of them not checking times and just filling coaches) in 2016 to London, but conscious there may be less coaches going Soton way, so perhaps they'll be a little stricter? Just debating if I take the risk of turning up a little later
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