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  1. Just wondering if it works the other way round too? My coach back is 4:00am Monday to Southampton and ideally want to leave a little later! I noticed the same thing (of them not checking times and just filling coaches) in 2016 to London, but conscious there may be less coaches going Soton way, so perhaps they'll be a little stricter? Just debating if I take the risk of turning up a little later
  2. I noticed that if I checked the order from my order status page after logging in, it would only show me coach number and seat. But when I checked it via this link it showed me my time! Maybe it'll work for you too? https://www.seetickets.com/CustomerService/CheckOrder?aff=efestivals
  3. Does anyone know the deal with return coaches to Southampton? Is it a bit like London where you can pretty much get on any of them? My time is 04:30 which is a bit too early for my liking haha!
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