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  1. Hmmm, seems Clashfinder have jumped the gun a bit! (Or they know something we don't)
  2. Faith No More just announced for Mad Cool
  3. True, if there current poster has Billy Eilish as a headliner with Foals and Paul Weller in the general mix then I'm probably not their target audience!
  4. Fender is touring in Mid June supporting The Killers so could well be free in early July. I saw him at Electric Picnic last year, not my cup of tea, but pretty popular.
  5. Either would be really great but I'd say they'll keep at least one big name back to be announced on Nov 30, just before tickets go on sale.
  6. Yep, the announcements are all over the show in terms of genres at the moment. I really want to see Foals, Paul Weller and The Pixies but I need others to back these up. Hopefully in the next few days.
  7. Saw Bon Iver at Nos Alive last year, I was totally underwhelmed, they just didn't work on the big stage IMHO.
  8. I saw them at Nos Alive last year, really great gig. Totally mad, but mostly in a good way!
  9. That's thrown a cat amongst the pigeons. I'd discounted MCF when Swift & Eilish were announced but the two bands top of my 2020 list are Foals and The Pixies. Probably have to go now!
  10. Pixies confirmed... Announcement every 5 minutes.
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