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  1. apologies, i wasn't talking about glastonbury larger suppliers, i meant the taste of mallets as a cider 😂comparing it to popular largers as i dont drink cider
  2. So is it a combination of spot prizes and a final draw? What is the larger equivalent to mallets, is it a carling carlsberg level? im not a cider man but I'll brave four cans for the cause and see how we go
  3. has the mallets competition closed?
  4. @Ozanne is usually quite active and i haven't seen him today...
  5. I'd get some solace knowing it's somebody who's been desperate like me
  6. i had a similar stack and barely read a single page. By the time I'd got to the shop after work i was already up to date on all the news. Such a waste, i did feel slightly guilty
  7. Please don't tease, i cant handle it!
  8. 9am the competition closes, then “soon after” or words to that effect
  9. Did you win the guardian competition today? What time do you get the call?
  10. Gutted. congratulations to your friend though!
  11. oh no i hadn't thought of the possibility that nobody on efestivals won and we'd be kept in he dark! A quick search on twitter for "glasto won" "guardian glasto" "win glastonbury" etc. etc. has nothing coming up, so until i see somebody winning i'll have my fingers crossed
  12. from the T&Cs 10. The winners will be notified by email or SMS on or after 20 May 2019 and given details of how to claim their prize.
  13. anytime between yesterday and 9th june according to the T&Cs and paypoint reciepts
  14. I haven't received an SMS text that isn't the guardian or checkpage in ages (always use whatsapp or FB messenger), and today ive had 5 from people all false alarms. Ive panicked everytime!
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