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  1. I’m looking forward to J.S. Ondara, Sunday Acoustic Stage. His voice ringing around that tent will be something special.
  2. _.mark._

    Glasto hacks 2.0

    Oops.. how did that get there?? ? (It’s waterproof trousers on top of a poncho ?)
  3. _.mark._

    Glasto hacks 2.0

    Mine is toilet roll in a clear ziploc bag, for the off chance that it rains so hard the contents of your bag gets soaking wet.. I tend to take the tube out of the middle and pull from inside out so it stays in the bag.
  4. I think we might see Sergio Pizzorno join Little Simz at some point
  5. How did I get that mixed up.. I retract everything I said. That would be terrible
  6. With what we know to date about the lineup, who do we think will make guest appearances with other acts? With Liam Gallagher on Saturday I’m personally hoping for a rendition of Let Forever Be with the Chems ?
  7. _.mark._


    Its a shame Method Man has pulled out of their European shows. Feels like their will be a bit of a gap to fill as his style is so distinctive
  8. _.mark._

    Bloc Party

    your most likely right, just noticed they are in Brighton on Saturday night too so geographic location is now irrelevant
  9. I think/hope Run the Jewels may step in (nothing to back this up with btw) Im sure someone will tell me that they were exclusive to All Points East.. just a hunch
  10. _.mark._

    Bloc Party

    Bloc Party are performing Silent Alarm in Bristol on Friday 28th June. Surely we can expect them to make an appearance. Would be perfect Other Stage opener but I don't imagine they would do two gigs in one day. Perhaps step in for the Sunday headline slot on the Other? (Ive gone back through some threads and couldn't see any mention)
  11. Great, I'm glad they have been useful and thanks all for the welcome messages. Aside from the 'well known' artists I am now really looking forward to seeing some acts that i hadn't previously heard of: J.S. Ondara, Keb' Mo' (Acoustic) The Comet is Coming, Swindle, Fatouima Diawara (West Holts) Dr Meaker (Glade) The fact that this is with a live band makes it even more exciting. Denzel Curry, Vodun (Shangri-la) Dutty Moonshine Band, Euphonique, Inja, Kanine, (The Common) Arno Parks, Celeste (BBC Introducing) Ocean Wisdom, Holy Goof, AJ Tracey (Silverhayes) I guess its fingers crossed now for minimal clashes.
  12. I'm a new member here so first of all... Hi I'm Mark ?. 2019 will be my 6th Glastonbury and if I am totally honest I'm more excited this time around than ever before. (absence has definitely made the heart grow fonder) As I am a bit of an obsessive nerd when it comes to Glasto (and music in general) each year I religiously create myself a Glastonbury Playlist on Spotify. This year however I thought I would do things a little differently and create a playlist for each stage/area so I can discover lots of new/diverse artists before arriving through the gates, and to also appreciate the magnitude of the lineup. As I don't want my efforts to go to waste, here are the links below. Almost every act in the line up releases have been added to each playlist. As more areas and acts are confirmed I will create the final few playlists. Silverhayes BBC Introducing Field of Avalon The Common Shangri-la The Glade West Holts Stage Acoustic Stage They also might give those who haven't been before an idea of what music to expect in each area / on each stage. If one person finds this useful than this post would have been worth it. (im not sure whether the hyperlinks will work so you may have to copy and paste) [EDIT: sorry I just noticed the other playlist thread] Enjoy and see you in the fields. Mark
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