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  1. Apologies, haven’t read the entire thread but I think during the last week cancellation is the inevitable outcome. The modern festival has a temporary hospital on-site - there’s no way medical staff can be asked to be pulled away from the front line for it (and I don’t think the festival would ask them). Even if the peak is over by then these medical staff deserve a bloody break and a chance to de-traumatise. Let alone all of the other services etc. Without effective ‘emergency’ services there can’t be a festival. I hope it doesn’t financially impact everyone too much and it’s so sad this is what has to be. A virtual Glasto 2020 - we can be inventive!!
  2. @sam1981 - sorry not very clear - all I mean is if you had a general car parking ticket you’d more than likely be routed to the east car parks if you went the way I said. If you had no car parking ticket (or like me an orange one) at the junction where you’d turn onto the A361 from the A37 - just indicate right and they’ll wave you through (can’t remember if they put in temporary traffic lights over the festival - haven’t driven since 2014). The road remains open to ordinary traffic through out the duration of the festival as it’s quite a key road travelling from E-W for those living in the area.
  3. @sam1981 I live in Frome (near Warminster) I’m going Tuesday morning as volunteering; parking in orange which is the same route you’d be going. So I’d say Warminster (A362) to Frome > (A361) to Shepton Mallet > turn onto A37 Cannards Grave > turn onto A361 towards Pilton/Glastonbury. (You can turn right - well at least have always been able to if you display the correct permit - off the A37 onto the A361. You just can’t turn right coming the other way A37 onto A361). If you had a general parking ticket you’d be directed I think usually to the east car parks but the road is still operational to normal traffic/if you’ve got a non-general parking ticket.
  4. Out of reactions for today so; @Pipine - Amazing news! @StormCrow - brilliant wallets!
  5. Bought an emergency foil blanket (for heat screening on the tent) from Bath - apparently they’ve had a run on them today!!
  6. There seems to be three trains between 10-11am* vs the usual 1 train in an hour on a normal Weds. I imagine it shouldn’t be too bad - if you do end up waiting there’s a tiny cafe/shop on one of the platforms but not much else (the town centre is a schlep from the station). *I imagine they are festival specials!
  7. Maps should be available at each festival info stall (A3 I think)
  8. Couldn’t possibly breach their privacy - but did feel slightly surreal...
  9. From some volunteer training we did the other week the Bristol Festival bus service isn’t very heavily used - I’ve mentioned this on another thread but there’s a new festival bus station information kiosk at the festival bus station/Ped Gate A that should be able to give more detailed info - so might be worth speaking with them when you arrive (assuming your coming by public transport). Just read your getting a lift in - not sure if you’re using the park & ride service; if not ask on any of the festival info stands
  10. You can’t turn right either from the A361 onto the A37. Think the bottom route suggested is better as theoretically you don’t get caught in traffic from the North/Bristol. They usually get cars off the A37 quite quickly (though admittedly haven’t done it this way for a few years).
  11. For future years it looks like they’re building a Premier Inn at the Bath & West Showground - so in an even better position to reach the east car parks (spotted it when I drove past the other week)
  12. Standing next to a well known alternative comedian who was doing laughing gas with I’m assuming their teenage child(ren) whilst watching Beyoncé...
  13. Thanks - has a Lidl tarp before which eventually ripped; admittedly it was in the garden all last summer providing some shelter from the sun; I think it might be heavier than my tent! Think it’s probably going to depend on the rain situation!
  14. A collective amended list every few years would serve as a pretty cool record of social history! I.e wonder when Wet Wipes started as a ‘essential bit of festival kit’ and when they’ll drop off the list!
  15. @inspectedinspector - having had our bell tent basically turn into a paddling pool when packing up one year at Green Man - having to shelter in an overflowing porterloo for the worse of the weather to pass and being drenched to the core - clean dry clothes for the journey home was a sweet relief!
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