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  1. I saw public enemy headline reading 1992 and cypress hill headline 1994 ice cube also subbed. Reading has had a rap audience way before Eminem
  2. I haven't a clue who he is but my teenage son bought his weekend ticket off the back of Polo g and Dave. He didn't know who artic monkeys or RATM were.
  3. 2019 for me. Was meant to go in 1994 but chose reading based on the headliners. Been dying to go since but life and not getting tickets has meant I didn't get the opportunity. Gutted didn't get 2020 tickets but fingers crossed for resale. Kids desperate to come this time as they thought glastonbury was for old people like me, and full of old white male guitar bands. They wished they had been there last year as I got to see stormzy, Dave and billie eilish. They are 15 and 13 years old. Never heard of Paul mcartney, or the Beatles, think Taylor swift is a has been but want to see aitch, aj tracey, Mabel etc. I am not bothered about anyone on the 2020 line up but absolutely desperate to go back. I am hooked
  4. I am also looking to take the kids this year one is 14 so will need a ticket the other 11. Looking now at possibly the coach as we wanted worthy view. Does anyone know what we do for the 11 year old re a seat on the coach if no ticket?
  5. Brad75

    The Glade

    Has it been confirmed that the Tiffany on the poster is the same singer from the 80's? She is supporting nkotb on their mixtape tour in the US over Glastonbury weekend so am surprised. Reason I know is that I wanted to go to Glastonbury and the wife wanted to go to the US to see this tour as she is a massive fan, however I won but now she is really excited if true.
  6. Been lurking since I got tickets in October after missing out in 2017. Been wanting to go to Glastonbury since I was a regular at all other festivals between 1992 and 1997 but unfortunately other priorities until now. I really can't wait to go level of excitement akin with getting stone roses tickets at Heaton Park after waiting for 22 years because missed seeing them before they split the first time. Bit gutted with line up this year but I am sure there will be plenty to see just made up I finally got tickets.
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