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  1. I don't think all of the hosts have booking for more advance than a year perhaps? So excited regardless though. Let's hope for Kim!
  2. Hey guys, booked an AirBnb for this, once people start getting 15% codes if anybody would be able to shoot one my way, would be massively appreciated. Really hoping they add Kim Petras as she was on the 2020 line up, seen her three times in the last year, she knows how to do an amazing pop show.
  3. If Manson was playing I could see it being my highlight of the festival season for sure.
  4. seeing hannah on wednesday, buzzing, adore charli most tho
  5. It would be absolutely phenomenal if she was here.
  6. This was the first festival set I watched on TV and it got to me, he needs to tour soon.
  7. Kendrick could absolutely smash that slot, would take that over some boring shite like Foals any day.
  8. I'm going, I could see it happening and I can see people going fucking apeshit for it.
  9. I was crying after Kate Tempest and some hippies offered me some coke, I declined. Also being barrier for The Streets was mad, its my new favourite festival, I'm definitely gonna be there again. For Glastonbury look into volunteering maybe??
  10. if this is true then i'm gonna be pissed off, lets hope he's joking loool
  11. thats what i was thinking
  12. Possibly BST?? Very confused.
  13. Should I get an Elbow CD? That's what the world wants.
  14. LZ aren't a rock band?? Seems kinda harsh man.
  15. As someone who saw Kim Petras twice in August, her Reading set had a small crowd and as a diehard fan was underwhelmed with her set. Although her playing two nights later at Heaven was one of the best gigs this year, Carly is one of my favourite artists too, think she would end up with a way bigger following after a successful set. Which she deserves.
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