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  1. As 1991 was the best year ever for albums, I’ll be happy with 30th anniversary performances of: Achtung Baby Loveless Blue Lines Screamadelica Metallica Bandwagonesque The White Room Spiderland Steady Diet of Nothing
  2. I thought she could have sang more songs, she only did seven or eight and there was about 15 minutes of her dancing along to house music which worked ok in a 90 minute set but not a 60 minute set. DOMO was great though.
  3. On a light note, Robyn really was awful. Such a strange set on the night. And I’m a fan. Onto the main topic, a friend who works in live production in LA told me last night that there has been barely a mention of Primavera LA since they announced it last June and he doesn’t know any artists who confirmed they would be playing it. There has been zero PR about it over there and he suspects it was unlikely to happen, crisis or no crisis. Primavera might have financial issues but they certainly have communication issues and both seem to at play right now.
  4. Would many artists do a runner with the advance when an event is postponed or cancelled?
  5. I could be late to this but suddenly I’m finding the original line up poster difficult to find on any official PS platforms. I had a list of artists in the PS app which has been removed.
  6. I’m a Melia member the last ten years and I still couldn’t get the bastards to honour my booking, very sharp practice on their part. Considering pissing in their pool.
  7. I could be wrong here but I’ve just been onto the Condal Mar hotel to complain about their cancelling my booking. The lady I spoke to told me all the festival concerts are in the Apolo this year, not at the Forum. Maybe I’m getting false info. Has anyone else heard this?
  8. Yep, just saw the email from them. Hungry bastards. The Princess hotel is available which is odd, that place is usually held over for the artists. Maybe a sign that it’s a smaller bill in August?
  9. Did you book directly with the hotel or through Booking.com etc?
  10. Remember that crowd mural at Highbury? Jesus wept.
  11. I’m with you @xxialac. There is a chance, albeit a slim one. But when the TV networks start to apply pressure, football games can and will be played behind closed doors. La Liga could well kick off with no crowds so I wouldn’t think that’s a factor here. If we’re looking at China’s curve, I think imported cases could be the biggest concern by the time we get to August. On the organization of the fest itself, you seem well informed - do you reckon they’ve got assurances from artists or have they done a Geldof and booked it, hoping for the best?!
  12. Release the presumably revised line-up motherf**kers!!!
  13. Those airlines are privately owned, IAG own BA and AF/KLM are majority privately owned too so they can’t expect a preferential government bailout. Many state owned airlines have gone under in the past as well. In any case, where there are potential job losses, the relevant governments will come under pressure to assist, whether that’s a low cost carrier or a ‘premium’ brand. The Gulf airlines like Qatar/Etihad should be safe as they are state owned with infinite resources - infinite support however is a different matter.
  14. I work in the jet fuel industry and we expect a 75% reduction in hedging in the next two months. The only carriers who will survive are those who can switch from passengers to cargo and/or those whose balance sheets are robust enough to support fleet grounding in the short term. Most airlines will be bankrupt by June without government/ industry intervention.
  15. Good read here on tour insurance https://click.email.rollingstone.com/?qs=7f07fe28c08ba53fc9c65868bdbc87cafb7874bf75cb3614be8216679012408fb7e3a7236076f42b6ed17cf0bac996e767b45a923681be53
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