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  1. End of May is likely, I am growing impatient now haha! I really want to start working out who I have to miss due to clashes!
  2. If it was then I don't think it has worked
  3. Ripple


    Some great ideas! Thanks
  4. Ripple


    I am going to my 6th Glastonbury but taking a friend for his first experience of the motherland, I want to show him the sights on Wednesday and Thursday before the real music begins. I have a few ideas but was seeing if you guys had any must do's that I might not have found myself! Any suggestions welcome as long as they are clean! See you in June!
  5. We arrive about 10pm every on the Tuesday, we take the tents, chairs, bag and enough beers for the night. Normally we sit and sleep in the chairs and then around 6am the queue begins to move, every year this is a false alarm! Once you are in you can set up camp at your desired location. Do not try and carry everything in on the first run, you will get tired, drop things and end up falling down the queue line, take the essentials in and then do another run later on that day or wait to the Thursday or Friday as it is much quicker.
  6. Unfortunately they could be anywhere! Bigger acts normally play the bigger stages (Pyramid and Other) Acts have been known to pop up on the smaller stages for ‘secret’ gigs. The only way to see everyone is to explore the festival and that way you get to see all the stages, vendors and little gems you wouldn’t normally find.
  7. Have you looked into buying a solar shower? Not as good as the real thing but might just do the trick to avoid the lengthy queues each day.
  8. I have left after the headliner or during depending who it is on a few occasions and always got out the car park very quickly so you should be fine, leaving between 7-10 I think you will fly out! Have a great time!
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