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  1. We are a group of 6 that have managed to get tickets some how every year for the last 5 festivals through many means. This year we have no tickets and no real hope of tickets so we will be desperately trying for the resale. As we are 6 we thought we would try for coach tickets too. Can anyone that has got coach tickets in the resale before please advise us of how it works. Do you just generally get in to the page to get tickets and then it shows you from which destinations are still available and you choose? Or are you only going for resale from one destination so you need to preselect your departure with the likelihood of you getting tickets from there like Bristol as there are huge number of buses over York that only has one time available each day? As it is the resale do you preselect your bus times from every destination or have bus times still not been allocated? I hope that make sense?!?!
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