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  1. Thanks StoneCircle. That’s what we hoped but just thought I’d check!
  2. Hi! Did you find out whether the name can be changed? We also have 2 cv tickets in 1 name, booked the other for a friend but worrried now they won’t be able to use it. We intend in arriving in convoy. Do you think we will be ok? Thanks x
  3. Hi! Wondered if anyone can help with my query. If we are a party of 6 in two separate campervans planning to arrive together, does it matter that both CV tickets are in one name? As we could only bag one CV ticket at a time, my husband got on twice and booked them both with his details. He will be driving our van but the other ticket is for friends in the other van. Will we be ok or do I need to try and change the name on one of the tickets? Thank you! Im a first time Glasto goer and probably over thinking everything!!
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