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  1. doomdays

    Lock ups

    Thanks, good to know! I've used the lockups every time, leaving a rucksack of stuff for my shifts, but I'm going as a punter for the first time, so won't have a secure campsite. Looking forward to being able to go back to my tent in the day though
  2. doomdays

    Lock ups

    Do the lockups provide the envelopes for your cash? And is there any advantage to putting your cash in an envelope, over putting it in a rucksack etc?
  3. It took forever for my phone using Chrome to even get through to the holding page. Firefox slightly better than Safari on my laptop, but no luck with any of it
  4. The Big Moon - 7 Pale Waves - 7 Sheryl Crow - 6 Bastille - 10 AURORA - 10 Stormzy - 8 Maggie Rogers - 7 Shura - 9 Lewis Capaldi - 6 Lizzo - 10 Sigrid - 8 Kate Tempest - 8 Years & Years - 9 Kylie - 6 Vampire Weekend - 8 Janelle Monáe - 10
  5. I don't think Oxfam do litter picking. If she is with Oxfam though, she should have received an email with Arrival Info, and she'll need to have registered in the Oxfield no later than 8pm Tuesday
  6. Thanks for this, just got tickets to see Bon Iver!
  7. Must sees: Janelle Monae Christine and the Queens AURORA Sigrid Bastille Would also really like to see Lizzo, Vampire Weekend, Sharon Van Etten, Two Door Cinema Club, Shura, Hozier, King Princess, Years & Years, Kylie, Sam Fender, Billie Eilish, Tom Speight, Jorja Smith, Benjamin Francis Leftwich, Kate Tempest, aaaand Cat Power. Of course this isn't physically possible, but I'm glad to have options.
  8. 1. Ben Howard 2013 & 2015 (couldn't possibly choose) 2. Adele 2016 3. Bastille 2016 4. Dolly Parton 2014 5. The Staves 2015 Notable mentions: Haim in the Avalon Cafe 2014, Daughter 2016, Coldplay 2016, Sigrid 2017
  9. doomdays

    Tent Etiquette

    Is it colder at night as well? It can get quite chilly overnight, although my thin sleeping bag doesn't help.
  10. Another lurker here, but wanted to join in the excitement this year. After a rather unsuccessful resale this morning, I will be back volunteering for the 7th time. Excited to get back in the field!
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