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  1. It’s most of them, not by the Comedy arena or in the woods if I remember correctly. Adnams spirits have been on sale for a while, but never seen the ale there before. There’s also a pint brewed in Henham Park itself - Hectors - but not sure if you can still get it.
  2. They've had Woodforde's Wherry on for the past few years - a proper lovely pint.
  3. The National have a gap in their tour that weekend...
  4. Two Door Cinema Club pulled out late in the day in 2013(?) Lily Allen replaced them, and they came back a few years later, billed as a ‘returning headliner’ (seriously). Modest Mouse also cancelled one year and were replaced with Texas, who were surprisingly good.
  5. Snow Patrol are cancelling gigs after their guitarist injured his hand. They’ve only cancelled three so far, but it sounds pretty serious https://www.belfastlive.co.uk/whats-on/music-nightlife-news/snow-patrol-tour-tickets-refund-16407179
  6. Do we think there's going to be any surprises this year, and if so who/ where would they go? They've not been trailing anything like they did with Liam last year, but there's usually something.
  7. Is there an 11pm curfew on the Obelisk? The only comparable thing would be when Jack Garrett headlined the tent after the Mumfords in 2017. He was on 11-12, which is what I was guessing they might do for Underworld - so Snow Patrol do 9-10:30, and there's just enough space to squeeze someone else in.
  8. Good point! I think my confusion has come from not knowing who the hell Tom Grennan is, or how he could be essentially subbing at a major festival.
  9. Set times usually don't start appearing till the week of the festival. The posters do seem to have a couple of gaps though - most notably a sub on the Saturday Obelisk (with Loyle Carner and Chvrches, unless that's just bad poster formatting) and one on the Friday (probably a special opening act like the Go! Team last year). One missing in the tent on Sunday too.
  10. Surprised they didn't announce it at the weekend if that was the case, what with those giant bill boards either side of the east Stage advertising the Bon Iver day between each bands, and the (shoddy) app showing off the schedule for next week with a big ol' gap in the evening.
  11. So are they just not going to replace First Aid Kit next Sunday? Seeing how packed it was for James Blake will be chaos if the only thing on for nearly two hours is Mac DeMarco
  12. No issues getting in or out for us, food was good, beer not bad and most of the sets were pretty darn great - with the possible exception of Fat White Family, bit that might just be because I'd only heard their radio singles. Found the sound to be dodgy across all three main stages though, and with basically the same issue: the vocals were waaay too low, and the drums / guitar too high. Especially for Jarvis, Interpol and The Strokes. Sounded instrumental at times. Oddly the further back you stood the better it sounded. All three stages were inaudible in the middle, but the North Stage sounded great by the beer tent on the left of the stage.
  13. I applied on Friday and my partner apples yesterday, no confirmation from either. I don't think they work at weekends.
  14. Just got a pair on eBay, there's some pretty good deals (though usual caveats apply)
  15. Looks like they're not open on weekends though - or at least that's what I'm guessing as I've heard nothing. Would be hugely grateful if anyone can get me a couple for tomorrow!
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