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  1. Decent line-up first up. This time last year I would have been putting a reminder on for ticket day. Now though, with pretty much zero % chance that day selling out, it'd be foolish to not wait and see if the free/cheap tickets are on offer again. Interesting to see how it plays out for 2020.
  2. 1. The Killers - Pyramid (thought they'd be good but didn't expect THAT) 2. Vampire Weekend - The Park (Ezra taking requests from the crowd, amazing start to the Saturday) 3. Sundara Karma - Williams Green (brilliant atmosphere)
  3. Thanks for your help lads. Upvotes all round. Have a great festival!
  4. Perfect, thanks! We want to be south-west this year and I've only ever camped in Big Ground. The thought of walking from the blue carpark to Paines/Park Home is horrible.. We're not setting off from London until 4am.. @GoonerRob have you ever arrived around this time/know what the traffic build up is like on the highways south of the site?
  5. i second this, if anyone can help with advice.. @matthagon where did you see the advice re Tesco in Glastonbury Town?
  6. Anyone got a spare parking ticket for sale? Or do you know if buying them via the normal ticket route will still work with postage at this late stage?
  7. In meetings all morning and finally got a chance to jump on efests. This is exactly what I was looking for. Cheers mate!
  8. Best - Entry gate on Wednesday Worst - Exit gate on Monday (also Silver Hayes).
  9. Love this thread! Anyone have any other aerial shots like this, where you can see distinctive outlines of areas? Looking at this, next to the map is a great way to spend 30 mins, procrastinating at work.
  10. Cold Little Heart is great but I'll go with Home Again to be different.. I'm thinking he'll play West Holts?
  11. I'm a fairly casual Chems fan but played the new album in full for the first time last week - I must have listened to it at least 10 times since. So many bangers and now I'm definitely going to be at the Other stage on Sat night. Can anyone recommend another of their albums I should listen to in full?
  12. Or a T-shirt saying: At least I'm not one of those dweebs recording this with an iPad.
  13. Ahoy hoy, Long-time-lurker, first-time-poster and this seems like a sensible place to leave my first one. Glastonbury occupies my mind roughly 95% of the day and efests occupies about 95% of my internet search history so it’s about time I joined the community proper… I’m lucky enough to have myself a ticket this year, my second time to the farm after 2016’s glorious mud-fest. I do feel however, like I’ve been 10+ times just from all my reading on here these past few years so thanks everyone for helping turn me into the obsessive I am today!
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