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    People climbing Arcadia, now we have people climbing communications masts!
  2. rockandnoll

    D&B acts?

    On the Clash 10pm, Sunday
  3. rockandnoll

    D&B acts?

    Looking for some D&B recommendations....
  4. Have we mentioned the veggie pakoras and onion bhajis in the Permaculture yet?!
  5. Thai Angle just by Left Field does some incredible Thai dishes! Also named in the "Around the planet in 80 food trucks" list by Lonely Planet
  6. So no "show" this year at Arcadia?
  7. rockandnoll

    TBAs 2019

    Inside info that this is the case. Foals later of the 2 slots on Park
  8. Did you manage to get this finished by any chance?
  9. Thanks all, very helpful
  10. Any chance EE is reading this and now pushes back any announcement just to mess with us?
  11. Random question I know. But a friend is wondering whether there are parking restrictions during the Glasto week in or around Castle Cary. She is new to the area and can't find any information out. So I turned to the collectivefor assistance. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Spiced rum and UHT apple juice is the dream. Tastes like a toffee apple and keeps the hangovers at bay!
  13. I now understand that the use of the roll of tape that has sat in my festival bag for the past decade is to go to Pilton Palais and secure those 2 to a tent pole so they never ruin another person's life with releases like that!
  14. Yes, get them from the stewards for about a £5 increase on pre bought passes
  15. Just donated...another bump to the top of the forum!
  16. That is terrible news. I wish I hadn't asked now!
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