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  1. Is there a general consensus of to who they might put up against Paul McCartney?
  2. The 1975 and Foals seems most likely. Two people who could headline a different year but would seem a little disappointing for the 50th. Wouldn't mind seeing The 1975 again, think there show would work really well on the other stage, especially because it will be dark and they have a good light show.
  3. Yeah, would make sense if he's the one they were still trying to get in the interview.
  4. Remember seeing somewhere that Emily's husband said he wasn't playing the 50th to@eFestivals. Am I right and if so when was this?
  5. Would this be one of Emily's two that have been booked since 2017? Seems odd as she said no news until the new year and they were still trying to get the third.
  6. How come hardly anyone went to Glastonbury 2018? Were the headliners not as good that year?
  7. Miyn

    Other Stage 2020

    Mhm. Makes sense to have them, a lot of people disagree whether Foals and The 1975 should / are big enough to headline, especially with it being the 50th. Would keep (most) people happy.
  8. Headlining? It seems much more likely that they would open the Pyramid. Emily said in an interview that they were gonna move the tent boundary back. Wouldn't be because of a giant headliner, especially with these "Pyramid Size Subs".
  9. The Japanese House playing Other? They played 5th down on the festival republic stage at R+L this year (5th biggest stage). I really don't think they can make that big of a jump in less than a year. Wouldn't make sense to have them that high up. If anything, they might play an afternoon slot on William's Green.
  10. Miyn

    2020 headliners

    I'm pretty sure Emily's husband told Neil that he wasn't playing next year.
  11. Miyn

    Taking kids

    I don't remember any muffins, although I could be mistaken. There were muffins at Leeds Festival though.
  12. I think the graph speaks for itself.
  13. Miyn

    The 1975 2020

    Especially with the awesome visuals and lights they have with each of their songs, would be awesome to see tracks like Milk at night on the Pyramid. Would be really up for them doing a set based around their earlier stuff and first album.
  14. Miyn

    The 1975 2020

    I like it a lot better than tootime, I like a lot of their music but I don't know what they were thinking with tootime. I'm really hoping if they do play they'll play a more "rocky" set, with stuff mainly from their first album, but that's probably just wishful thinking.
  15. Miyn

    John peel 2020 acts

    Definitely Sea Girls. They've played a few festivals this summer and gained some serious hype. All their songs are bangers, would love to see them play the John Peel.
  16. Ok, I guess all my clothes for Sunday are now lucky then. Thanks for the advice.
  17. Tried wearing my lucky yellow socks, no luck. Should I switch them to a different colour for Sunday or grab another pair of yellow ones? Whats the verdict?
  18. 1) The Cure 2) The Killers 3) Foals
  19. Hey, please can I get my name changed to: Miyn
  20. Miyn

    Best Takeaway Apps?

    Heard the food at Glastonbury isn't great so does anyone have any recommendations of food delivery app's I can use to order food onsite? Thinking "Just Eat" and "Dominoes" at the moment but I am open to new things. Also, Is there a normal drop off / delivery station that is used to collect the food? Wouldn't expect them to find me on site. Thanks for the Help! (This is a joke)
  21. Miyn

    day and stage

    Chem's and Killers is a textbook nightmare clash. ^^^ Couldn't agree more.
  22. Miyn

    Billie Eilish

    Mid Down on The Other Stage would be my guess.
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