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  1. missnutmeg

    Volunteering 2020

    I’m pretty certain from what I’ve read on the Oxfam festival volunteering website that if you want to volunteer to work in the Oxfam shop on site during any of the festivals they have a presence at, then you need to have least done a minimum of three months work in an Oxfam charity shop somewhere in the UK. This isn’t the case for the other Oxfam festival volunteering roles (stewarding and campaigning) but if you want to try volunteering in the Oxfam shop at Glasto then you should probably start looking for some volunteering work at your local Oxfam shop sooner rather than later as it will stand you in good stead 😊
  2. How early is ‘early’ likely to be, out of interest? 🤔
  3. The problem with this is that there’s no guarantee your husband/wife/partner/friends/kids, etc. will be successful in the sale too which means you could end up on your lonesome, which many wouldn’t be happy with 😳
  4. Also checking in I'm not holding out much hope for (but will be trying in) the resale so I'm already taking the view that committing to volunteer is the safest way forward, but I'm not holding out much hope either for being able to volunteer as I believe that's also heavily subscribed. The wait until April is going to be agonising... 😢
  5. Thanks for that, just hope it lasts ‘til Sunday this year 😳
  6. Is there a link to the playlist that you’d be happy to share? Sorry if I’ve missed the post... Really sorry you (author of said list) can’t make it now btw, I know I would be gutted 😐
  7. Ha ha, that was my FOMO kicking in (although I also hope to get to IDLES) 😍
  8. OK, so that’s Wednesday in the Cabaret Field bar then, aiming to be there 😎
  9. Good to hear we’ll be in good company, excited already 😍 👍🏻
  10. Wow, so there’s glitter?! Hope to be there with two (non-eFester) buddies, can’t promise that we won’t have already had ‘a couple’ though 😳 Looking forward to it 😍
  11. I believe there are a couple of large solo campers groups which you could make contact with if you read back through the thread?
  12. I’m technically with a pal (so not solo) but we would be happy to meet up with/socialise/drink beer with others, we’ve not actually decided where we’re camping yet, would this count? We each have our own tents if that helps? 😂
  13. missnutmeg

    Resale Club 2019

    Ditto, getting stressed already about next year, want to have Plan B firmly in place by then... 😬
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