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  1. For anyone interested, screenshot of WaterAid FB page... I’m guessing the majority of first-timers volunteering with WA will be loo crew, just saying... ?
  2. What is secret Glasto? Sounds awesome ?
  3. Wish you’d posted that earlier, that explains why flight prices seem to have rocketed since this morning (pre-sale) ??
  4. Ah thanks guys, we struggled with Festicket, friend got straight through and got hers, we couldn’t get through so she got back in and bought two for us, but she’s only had a confirmation email for our two ? Nearly as stressful as trying for Glasto tix, though I think it’s calmed down now ??
  5. Have you had a confirmation email yet from Festicket? Ours hasn’t come through so far, so a bit nervous until it does...
  6. Sorry, just seen your post, is the presale over now? ?
  7. Does MC sell out quickly and do they do earlybird tickets or is it just fixed prices? (Also scarred by trying for Glastonbury tix ?)
  8. Doesn’t it cost them £20 for the pleasure? I thought you only got £30 back if you didn’t pay the full balance off ?
  9. missnutmeg


    Hopefully all the cows are accounted for ?
  10. I’d probably still choose Glasto ?
  11. Fantastic, hope it keeps coming (more tix back in the pot for us ?) I’d love to see Macca ❤️
  12. Just Photoshop some holly and Santa hats on everyone and it’s a winner ?
  13. Thought I’d read something about that before ?
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