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  1. Between Lift and Pukkelpop Café
  2. Yes you can! They even had a real record store at the festival site last 2 or 3 editions.
  3. I just think we can be more optimistic right now, with vaccinations planned to end in June. When the risk groups have their vaccination, the pressure on hospitals will decline and more things will be possible. Also: Flemish prime minister Jambon declared today that they will decide on the big festivals mid-March.
  4. In belgian newspapers today, prime minister said there will be no festivals during next summer. De Croo: "Geen festivals komende zomer op normale manier" Volgens premier Alexander De Croo (Open VLD) moeten we niet verwachten dat er komende zomer festivals komen. "Volgend jaar wordt een overgangsjaar. We moeten er niet van uitgaan dat we opeens weer naar grotere festivals zullen gaan op de normale manier. We moeten geen valse verwachtingen scheppen. Dit is een marathon. We zitten nu ongeveer aan kilometer 30, dat is het moment waar alles pijn doet en je op karakter verder moet."
  5. Or Wednesday, the day RW will start next year? 😉 🤞
  6. Can never be enforced. One cannot unilatterally change the 'contract''. We'll see what is to be decided this afternoon.
  7. What is recently? They cannot change their terms and conditions unilatterally after the contract was closed.. However, if they give the option to keep the tickets untill 2021, I will chose that one.
  8. I meant a real sub - like Pixies this year. Ofc was a decent. Not like in 2018, where Nick Cave was the sub before arctic monkeys, and Noel played before.
  9. Liam is not a headliner in belgium. Not even a co-head or sub. Just another strong name in the late afternoon / early evening
  10. +/- 20 a day per person works perfect for me (eating at noon outside the festival before entering) 😉 Depends on what kind of drinker/eater you are ofc.
  11. No afternoon, just as a main stage opener i think... Bit like SWMRS last year?
  12. Actually not... That was said in the release two weeks ago. In the release of last week they didn't say it like that. (https://www.rockwerchter.be/en/blog/placebo-liam-gallagher-disclosure-brittany-howard-haim-more) The only thing we have - which I have faith in - is @Ken19 saying "Cyu next week, same time! " EDIT: in the Dutch version there actually IS stated that we will get names today 😉 https://www.rockwerchter.be/nl/blog/placebo-liam-gallagher-disclosure-brittany-howard-haim-en-meer
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