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  1. No afternoon, just as a main stage opener i think... Bit like SWMRS last year?
  2. Actually not... That was said in the release two weeks ago. In the release of last week they didn't say it like that. (https://www.rockwerchter.be/en/blog/placebo-liam-gallagher-disclosure-brittany-howard-haim-more) The only thing we have - which I have faith in - is @Ken19 saying "Cyu next week, same time! " EDIT: in the Dutch version there actually IS stated that we will get names today πŸ˜‰ https://www.rockwerchter.be/nl/blog/placebo-liam-gallagher-disclosure-brittany-howard-haim-en-meer
  3. you're answering your own question πŸ˜‰
  4. Not the names you mentioned.. not for a headlinespot.
  5. Today, 16:00 last (co)headliner for friday maybe? πŸ™Or allready some clures for the package this friday maybe? @Jazebel @Ken19
  6. No way Liam is sub. His show at Forest national isn't sold out. At Pinkpop he wasn't even headliner on the 3th stage...
  7. If somebody is interested in a discount on tickets? I became ambassador and can forward you a link to buy tickets, with 8 euros discount (235 for Combi). Day tickets are 5 euros discount... Just let me know if you want a link!
  8. Again no 'headliner' in the announcement... Probably big name after them (not surprising since they didn't actually became "bigger" as they were in 2017..)
  9. Not 8AM like previous years, not 11AM like yesterday, so headliner 2 at 4PM today?
  10. Too soon after their dissapointing visit in 2018. They are not PJ ?
  11. News that is relevant for Werhcter too? Or what's the reason for posting it in this topic? ?
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