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  1. I just had a look at the recent posts of the guy claiming this on Glasto chat and in the last couple of weeks he's had Biffy, Madonna, Bob Dylan and slipknot all down to headline. Something tells me he may be full of shit!
  2. Stuff like post Malone, the weekend etc. I'm sure he will be fine tho, wasn't going to see stormzy but will probably have to take one for the team there
  3. Thanks for the advice, yeah I'd have to take his passport I think, he's almost 6 foot at 12!! I like the idea of showing him around everywhere, I'm sure he would get a massive buzz out of it. Just got to get into my head that I'd have to tone down the usual activities. There's always next year for that though with friends who couldn't come this year (assuming we are lucky with tickets)
  4. Hi, first time poster. This year it's just me and my wife going as a few friends had to pull out for various reasons. This has made me think about taking my son and having a slightly different festival than normal. This is Mainly because my son is 12 so last chance to go without ticket. My query is really, because he turns 13 on Monday 1st July. Will he be ok to go without ticket, my guess is yes because the festival officially finishes on the Sunday??? Still havnt decided to take him or not yet, if we do we will surprise him on the morning of leaving. I can't work out if h
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