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  1. Hello! Bit of an odd question really. My friend missed out on a ticket on the original sale date in October and will be trying for both coach resale and general resale in a couple weeks time. My friends and I who already have tickets are going to try on her behalf, to increase her chances. Now on the coach resale date I’m going to be in China, and was wondering if anyone had any success buying a ticket from there specifically in the past? The only reason I ask is because in my group of 6 in October, I was in LA, and I was the only one to get through and book our tickets. Which sort of made me think that there may be a certain batch of tickets reserved for overseas bookings. However, China’s quite strict on internet usage and I’m fairly certain I’ll have to use a VPN. Just wondering if anyone’s had any luck in the past? I know it’s quite a specific query! Thanks
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