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  1. Hey everyone I am a 3rd year Events Management student (Who has had the pleasure of attending Glastonbury 3 times) and and as part of my dissertation I have prepared the below survey. I would GREATLY appreciate if you could spare just 5 minutes of your time to take a look and complete the survey. This research aims to explore whether environmental sustainability influences people’s decisions to attend music festivals while considering the opinions of attendees on their concern for the environment. I am also focusing on comparing attendees thoughts on how eco-friendly Glastonbury and/or Reading festival may be. So please can ONLY those who have attended a music festival in the last 10 years complete the survey, particularly those that have attended Glastonbury or Reading (or Leeds) Festivals. Thank you for your time https://uwl.onlinesurveys.ac.uk/exploring-the-role-environmental-sustainability-plays-on-a-2?fbclid=IwAR11-_szWv44HkwJJ6rN9fxbDvmklNYT0uxv7ZeO4LfIOkCM3fzHmw_U7Ws
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