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  1. Wonder if anyone could give an opinion on this. I really want to see Alice Phoebe Lou but almost certain I won't be able to get my group together and into the site by 17.20 when she's on the Primavera stage. She's on again at 19.00 on the OCB stage. Would I assume correctly that the set on the Primavera stage will be a "festival" set, maybe with full band and the OCB set will just be her with a guitar? Is the OCB stage tiny? I do notice the OCB stage set is actually a little longer than the main set strangely.
  2. So much for the improved access to Bits. Looks like it's just via the bridge again...
  3. I had no intention of seeing Cardi B so Miley Cyrus isn't really an issue as I won't be seeing her either, but they are really keen on changing the demographic of the festival, it' unbelievable!
  4. DJ Coco posted on Primavera Sound's own forum that Gabi has said access to Bits has improved a lot this year and the bridge will not be the only access point which sounds good.
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