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  1. Ira

    2019 Predictions

    I wish yo la tengo would replace beirut. Best band on the planet. I really can't see how can someone describe them as disgusting!
  2. Ira

    2019 Predictions

    This loud and quiet schedule is baffling. Should one trust it having the obvious mistake with porridge radio? On thursday it says that jockstrap will play a slot earlier so i 'm wondering who will play opposite to spiritualized. I hope it' s not pottery. I would very much prefer the current clashfinder as it stands, more clashes for me if the l&q schedule is accurate. The worst would be a deerhunter-fontaines dc clash.
  3. Ira

    2019 Predictions

    It's gonna be great!! Fantastic lineup once again. Latest additions of Tunng, William Tyler and Wand were more than enough for me, on top of the 30+ bands on my must see list from the first announcement. If we get a last minute favorite like Phosphorescent or/and David Thomas Broughton I'd be overwhelmed.
  4. Ira

    2019 Predictions

    Why is it taking so long??? Waiting and waiting everyday, it's unbearable
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